Why is it hard to be a woman?

It is ironic that a woman is writing “why is it hard to be a women”. No doubt men also go through their own sets of problems in a day to day routine. But what if a man has to see bleeding of the vagina every month for 3-5days, to bear the pain of giving birth to new life, being perfect as per the beauty standards of the society and mind that if you do not qualify those beauty standards then god knows what you will hear from the society. Or what if a man is objectified every day, or if he becomes a victim of rape, domestic violence, a victim of marriage settlement (dowry), and whatnot.
India is a country that is admired by the world. It has a magnificent culture, eye-catching beauty, and heart-warming people to welcome you in their hearts. But the important question arises, no matter where you live be it in India or in any other part of the world, is it easy to be a woman?
The answer will definitely be no. In a male-dominant world, it is not easy to be a woman because from the beginning it is taught to us that sit in a poised way, dress beautifully but don’t reveal too much skin, come home early, don’t look at boys like that, be married by the age of 21, talk politely, why to focus on your carrier, learn to cook, it must be your fault that you got raped, a woman can’t achieve more than a man, and the list goes on.
Basically, a woman is never taught to be her true self. Here are some of the major points which truly defines why is it hard to be a woman:
• Leaving your home after marriage
Isn’t it strange and heartbreaking to leave your home after marriage and settle in a new one? Imagine someone suddenly tells you to leave behind the beautiful home where you have spent some amazing time and memories.
Adjusting in a new environment instantly is what is expected from a woman. Is there any hand-written rule that only women need to leave their house post marriage? Most of the women even after spending many years in their in-law’s house struggle to adjust and raise their opinion.
• Shielding ourselves from the dirty stares of the world
There is a difference between a good stare and a bad stare. Any woman can totally understand what a bad stare is. It is very common to be witness this situation in a day numerous times. Young men, old men, old women, sneaky stalkers staring a woman is very common. But what is expected from us to cover from head to toe? A woman dealing with uncomfortable stares makes it hard to live in this world.
• Equal payouts or salaries
Is someone ashamed or threatened when a woman is more hard-working and more deserving in a work environment? Every woman faces this situation once in her lifetime when does not get what she deserves. The path to struggle and demand equal payouts is very difficult to fight with.
• The right age of marriage
Once a woman turns 21, it becomes the responsibility of society to tell her to get married. It becomes the top priority of every relative and parent to get her daughter a suitable match at the right of marriage. Some sections of the society, girls get married before they hit puberty. Who decides the right age of marriage only for girls?
Final note
After being in all these situations and fighting like a warrior every day, society or people still have the audacity to say “every woman comes with a lot of baggage”. Hardly, they do know that you create this baggage and a world that is hard to live in for a woman.

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