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Eight Sleep elevates a good night’s sleep to a whole new level by integrating amazing technology with well-researched data on optimal comfort design. The mattresses from Eight Sleep are developed with characteristics that will help you maximize the hours you spend in your bed for better energy, health, productivity, and overall enjoyment. Eight Sleep is a manufacturer of smart mattresses. They employ new technology to develop sleep-tracking gadgets to ensure consumers receive the greatest night’s sleep possible, regardless of their needs or preferences. These sleep tracking functions help in improving sleep quality while also offering warmth and cooling to the sleeper. 

Eight Sleep OVERVIEW


Eight Sleep is a New York-based American technology company that develops and manufactures smart mattresses with new and updated technologies. Eight Sleep manufactures unique mattresses that enable consumers to collect data about their sleep patterns, modify the temperature of their beds, and set integrated wake-up alarms. Eight Sleep was formed in 2014 by Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreassi Bassi, Andrea Ballarini, and Alexandra Zatarain. The firm’s initial projects were funded through a crowdfunding effort in 2015. From 2016 until 2021, the company raised funding in more traditional means, including a Series B round in 2018 and a Series C round in 2021. The major purpose of Eight Sleep is to provide innovative cooling technologies in designer mattresses and pillows for your bed. These mattresses are made up of three foam layers that provide great comfort as well as a cooling effect on the sleeper. Eight Sleep is an online mattress company that specializes in products that combine amazing technology with sleep training. This is done through the use of a blended foam that molds to your body, a cover grid that records your sleep patterns, breathing patterns, and heart rates, and a hub that pumps water to heat or cool the bed to a specified temperature. Overall, this is a well-rounded bed firm that focuses on maintaining your overall body temperature while you sleep. It’s never easy to select the right mattress with all of the different temperature requirements and unusual sleeping patterns. Eight Sleep claims to promote better sleep by altering the temperature of the bed and providing feedback through sleep tracking. We wanted to check if the sleep system gave us the wonderful sleep we were looking for, given that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. The objective of Eight Sleep is to unlock human potential via proper sleep. This is why they develop amazing, award-winning solutions that go beyond data to help you get the best possible rest, night after night.


Motion Isolation

Pod 3 provides adequate motion isolation. The top polyfoam layer is slightly responsive, with a tiny bounce on the surface while getting on and off the bed, but it also absorbs movement to a significant extent. You and your sleeping companion will detect very little surface transfer. When carrying weight, the Pod 3 is absolutely quiet. If you frequently wake up when your co-sleeper moves about in bed, the Pod 3 may help you sleep even better than before. Memory foam comfort layers in mattresses tend to give the finest motion isolation. Polyfoam mattresses, like the Pod 3, absorb motion to a lower amount, but they still reduce motion transfer better than most latex, hybrid, and innerspring versions.

Pain Relief

Many people have discomfort in their shoulders, lower back, hips, and other regions. The medium firm feels of the 12-inch Pod 3 results in a solid, pressure-relieving mix of body contouring and support. As a result, the mattress is suited for many side and back sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds. They’ll detect some body contouring, but they shouldn’t dip too far beneath the surface.  This might be because you’re sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t give enough support for certain regions, which can interfere with spinal alignment and cause pressure to build up. As a result, how well or how badly a mattress relieves pressure is determined by how much support is required for your body type. 

Temperature Regulation

The top foam layers of the Pod 3 do absorb some heat, as is common with all-foam devices, but this should not affect the customized temperature settings unless you sleep really hot. Given the Pod’s wide temperature range, almost everybody should be able to find a comfortable setting. The Pod 3 is one of the few mattress models available today that provides active heating and cooling. The exterior Hub is linked to the tubes inserted in the cover. Using the Eight Sleep app, you may set the mattress to a temperature ranging from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (12.8 to 43.3 degrees Celsius). 

Easy Movement 

The polyfoam construction of the Eight Sleep Pod 3 makes it quite easy to move across. Mattresses with solely memory foam layers frequently sink deeply, giving you the sensation of being glued to the surface while getting in and out of bed. Because of its semi-responsive top polyfoam layer, the Pod 3 does not sink nearly as much. However, persons who weigh more than 230 pounds would most likely suffer from this mattress. If you are in this weight range, you should select a mattress with a more robust support structure such as a hybrid or innerspring.

Edge Assistance

The edge support of the Pod 3 is above average for an all-foam type. The mattress has 8 inches of high-density polyfoam and feels quite sturdy around the perimeter. If you weigh less than 230 pounds, you’ll feel some sinkage, but not enough to make getting in and out of bed difficult. Edge support is a typical complaint about all-foam mattresses. Polyfoam, no matter how dense, cannot sustain compression as well as coils or latex layers utilized in other mattress kinds. As a consequence, you’ll undoubtedly notice some sinkage along the perimeter of an all-foam bed while getting on and off, and you might not feel comfortable sleeping too near to the edges.

Off – Gassing 

The Pod 3’s first odors should fade in a week or less. You may speed up the process by putting the mattress in a well-ventilated room for at least one day before sleeping on it, it will help a lot. Mattresses with foam layers emit small particles known as volatile organic compounds when they are fresh (VOCs). These particles are largely innocuous, although they have an unpleasant chemical odor that people associate with plastic. When it comes to off-gassing odors, Pod 3 is no exception. After unpacking the mattress, you will most likely notice a distinct odor that will gradually decrease over the next several days.

Pod biometrics

Eight Sleep combines biometric tracking via the Pod cover, which may tell you everything from the hours you sleep the most soundly to your heart rate variability and respiratory rate. This assists you in determining whether you have specific needs or challenges to overcome in order to improve your sleep quality. In the company, we’re all data geeks who appreciate a tool that can provide a lot of information on our sleep. The sensors on the Pod observed a number of behaviors that most of us are unaware of since we sleep right through them.

Pod Alarm 

The alarm option on the Pod, which basically turns the entire Pod into a vibration setting, was our favorite feature. The Pod app is used to set the alarm, and the entire mattress layer softly vibrates to get you up. Remember that the Pod is merely a mattress covering and not an entire mattress. That indicates you may use the Pod with any other bed that meets the criteria.



Cooling is one of the pros of Eight Sleep. The mattress scored an unsurprising perfect score for cooling. Eight Sleep is also ideal for folks who sleep chilly and want a warmer choice.


The Eight Sleep Pod 3 earned an 8 on our responsiveness test, due in large part to the 2″ layer of polyfoam that adapts to your body as you toss and turn.


You can check the quality of your sleep without using any wearable technology. Sensors on the Pod 3 measure your respiratory rate, sleep phases, sleep time, resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and other information. The Pod 3 mattress uses essential inputs to evaluate your sleep quality and provides a daily Sleep Fitness Score on the Eight Sleep app. This Score can help you spot trends in your sleep health over time. By easily recording your sleep without the need to wear any gadget to bed, you may acquire insights without having to remember to charge any extra devices. Even better, the program allows two people to sleep in the same bed by maintaining two separate sleep histories.

Personalized Tips

You will be given personalized sleep-improvement suggestions. The new Pod 3 mattresses not only measure your sleep but also offer unique insights into your recovery. If your HRV goes below your regular range or you sleep less than usual, you’ll receive notifications and advice. You may use the connected app to find ways like meditations and wind-down exercises to help you fall asleep faster and destress while you learn more about your sleep health.


Sex Preferences for sex vary from couple to couple, although most would prefer to engage in romantic activities on a responsive mattress. Slow-responding and deeply sinking beds might make you and your partner feel like you’re fighting the mattress, which can limit mobility.  The top polyfoam layer of the Pod 3 is pretty sensitive, and most individuals do not sink too far. The fitting layers also offer enough grip. When necessary, you and your companion can stay in one part of the bed and will not slip over the surface, but you should have no problem changing positions or transferring to a new area of the mattress. Furthermore, the Pod 3’s above-average edge support guarantees that you may use the majority of the bed’s surface.


The Pod 3 includes heating and cooling technologies that are unlike any other cooling mattress on the market. The Active Grid technology blends seamlessly with five layers of CertiPur-certified adjustable foam. This technical layer comprises sensors as well as a layer of invisible water-based cooling and heating channels, as a smart mattress must first be a comfortable bed. This unique combination of support, technology, and temperature regulation was designed to be the most comfortable bed for anyone who prefers to sleep on their back. This one-of-a-kind combination of support, technology, and temperature control was designed to be the most comfortable bed for anyone who wants a medium-firm mattress. Furthermore, the adjustable foams give the Pod 3 extra bounce and a 10-year warranty.

Temperature and Technology

The Pod Mattress has the same sleep smart technology as the Pod cover, as well as temperature settings connected to a central hub. The key distinction is that the cover is integrated into the mattress rather than purchased separately. The Pod active grid cover zips onto the mattress and offers the same softness and pressure relief as the mattress’s tubing and foam.


Surface Feel

Although you can’t really feel the smart mattress cover when sleeping on it, it does give you the impression that you’re floating in a pool. Of then, this might be something you grow used to or even appreciate right away, so it’s not a deal breaker.


Set-up is more complicated than with a normal bed-in-a-box mattress due to the inclusion of extra features such as The Hub and the Eight Sleep app. In addition, Eight Sleep does not provide white glove delivery.


The Pod 3 may only be ordered directly from Eight Sleep since it is not accessible through third-party shops or online marketplaces. The mattress is available for purchase on the Eight Sleep website. You may also buy a Pod 3 at one of the company’s physical locations, such as Showfields in New York City or b8ta in San Francisco.

Weight limitation

Eight Sleep mattress has weight limitations because the Pod mattress has a weight limit of 500 pounds, it may not be appropriate for couples weighing about 250 pounds.

Pets are not allowed.

Pets are not allowed on the bed as Pod 3 mattresses are purported to track your sleep, and the company warns that sleeping with dogs may alter the data. Longer claws might damage or puncture the bed’s technology, which includes a water mat.

Size and base options are restricted.

Size and base options are also restricted as Eight Sleep mattresses are offered in full, queen, king, and California king sizes. If you currently sleep on a twin or twin XL bed, you will need to adjust your frame to accommodate this mattress. To support your mattress, you can use a slatted foundation or a box spring, although the company does not recommend adjustable bases.

There are a few viable options.

There are a few viable options as the stiffness of the mattresses is medium-firm. These mattresses may feel slightly softer since the Pod 3 mattress contains an additional foam layer for more comfort. 

Regular maintenance is required.

Regular maintenance is required because the heating and cooling technology in Eight Sleep mattresses is powered by water, and the tank will need to be replaced every few months.


A full-size Pod 3 Cover from Eight Sleep starts at $2,245 with financing starting at $63 per month. The new Pod 3 mattress offers all-in-one performance for just $3295 USD. Full pricing information for each Pod type is provided below.



Eight Sleep only sends the mattress to the contiguous 48 states. All orders receive free ground shipment. After completing your order, you will be given a tracking number. The majority of clients receive their Pod 3 within one business week after placing their order. For shipment, the Pod 3 will be compressed, covered in plastic, and vacuum-sealed. The Hub and cover are packaged separately. Carry both boxes to the room where you intend to utilize the mattress once they arrive. First, unwrap the mattress and discard the plastic wrap. You may unbox the Hub and cover it as the mattress grows.

The boxes provide detailed instructions on how to attach the Hub and cover. If you run into any problems, contact Eight Sleep’s customer service department. With any order, Eight Sleep does not provide expedited shipping, White Glove Delivery, or old mattress removal.


Eight Sleep’s trial period for the Pod 3 lasts 100 nights. Because there is no necessary break-in time, you can return the Pod 3 at any point during the 100-night trial. All returns during the 100-night period are eligible for a full refund from Eight Sleep. In addition, the firm will arrange for couriers to pick up the mattress from your home and transfer it for recycling or donation.


The Pod 3 has a 10-year mattress guarantee as well as a 2-year warranty on The Hub and the sleep-tracking cover. This warranty is not extended. This implies that if a problem arises, you will not have to pay to have the mattress or technological components fixed or replaced, albeit you will be liable for to-and-from shipping rates. Problems covered by this guarantee include 1-inch or deeper body imprints on the surface, physical faults in the mattress that cause materials to decay prematurely despite normal use and care, and defects related to the cover assembly and technology. Other faults may be excluded from warranty coverage.


How does the Eight Sleep Pod mattress work? 

The Eight Sleep Pod mattress incorporates a technology layer that captures and communicates biometrics to automatically alter its temperature while you sleep. To adjust the temperature, the heating and cooling system use cooling fans and a separate water hub that pumps water through the mattress.

Is the Eight Sleep pod worth it?

Eight Sleep’s Pod 3 offers a solution for customers who desire the comfort of memory foam but not the heat. The extra benefit of biometric tracking can assist people with sleeping issues in developing good sleep patterns, however, the water hub that comes with the bed may be inconvenient if you have limited room in your house. They propose Eight Sleep if you’re seeking a fresh sleep experience and a means to use biometric technologies to improve your sleep. The 100-night risk-free trial period provides you plenty of time to determine whether it is right for you.

Why should I invest in the eight-sleep pod mattress?

Because no one likes a noisy alarm clock, the Pod can wake you up quietly by vibrating your chest and gradually changing the temperature. To customize your sleep experience, the Eight Sleep app unlocks the Pod’s full intelligence. It’s the ultimate sleep coach, backed by real-world data.

How cold does it get in Eight Sleep?

You may adjust the temperature as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in most circumstances, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 cover will only reach 58-60 degrees. This is due to the fact that it can only cool to a certain degree below room temperature.

Will the Eight Sleep cover improve my sleep?

If you have trouble sleeping because you are too hot or too cold at night, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 cover will help. You may also identify which areas you need to concentrate on to obtain better sleep by tracking your health and sleep on the Eight Sleep app.


Eight Sleep is a well-known American firm that manufactures sleep-related accessories such as smart pods, pillows, and more. Eight Sleep is a mattress firm that sells products that combine amazing technology with sleep training. This is accomplished by utilizing a blended foam that adapts to your body, a cover grid that records your sleep patterns, breathing patterns, and heart rates, and a hub that pumps water to heat or cool the bed to a predetermined degree. Eight Sleep’s main goal is to deliver new cooling technology in designer mattresses and pillows for your bed. These mattresses have three foam layers that give excellent comfort while also cooling the sleeper. Overall, this is a well-rounded bed firm that focuses on keeping your body temperature stable while you sleep. We strongly recommend it. This article has covered all you need to know about the Eight Sleep Pod, and we hope you found it useful in deciding whether or not this mattress matches all of your expectations!

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