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Eight Sleep creates cooling mattresses with high-tech features to help you get the most out of every night’s sleep. Eight Sleep’s innovative technologies, which change temperature and track data for each individual sleeper, produce a unique experience for each person. Eight Sleep mixes technology and comfort to provide a unique sleeping experience. Trying the Pod mattress is very simple and clear, with a free trial, free delivery, and free returns, and it might result in a better night’s sleep. Currently, only Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattresses are available for purchase online. The manufacturer does put the mattresses on sale and gives discount coupons on occasion, so you may not have to pay full price. Eight Sleep also provides financing via Affirm.

Eight Sleep Overview


Eight Sleep is a New York-based American technology business specializing in developing and manufacturing smart mattresses. Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreassi Bassi, Andrea Ballarini, and Alexandra Zatarain founded Eight Sleep in 2014. In 2015, the firm funded its first projects through a crowdfunding campaign. From 2016 until 2021, the firm raised funds in more traditional ways, including a Series B fundraising round in 2018 and a Series C fundraising round in 2021. Eight Sleep provides innovative mattresses that allow customers to collect data about their sleep patterns, change the temperature of their beds, and set integrated wake-up alarms. The company’s solutions are also compatible with Amazon’s Echo devices. Technology reviewers have praised the company’s offerings. The company’s Mattress Pod Pro system was named the “mattress of the future” by Newsweek, which cited the product’s temperature management technology as a significant selling factor. Similarly, New York Magazine identified the company’s smart mattresses as the only ones on the market that can give consistent temperature control. However, a Forbes reviewer who tested the bed found himself “a bit nervous” since the product reduced his “sleep score” if he did not go to bed on time. The mission at Eight Sleep is to unleash human potential via good sleep. This is why they create the most cutting-edge and award-winning solutions that go beyond data to assist you in achieving the finest possible relaxation, night after night.

How Does Eightsleep Work?

Eight Sleep makes it incredibly simple to choose and acquire a mattress. The Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn mattresses are prominently displayed on the website. Each mattress has its features and costs displayed so you can understand the differences between models and what you are receiving with your purchase. 



The foam used in Pod mattresses is designed to provide enough elasticity and bounce to avoid the “stuck” sensation associated with memory foam, especially in the new Pod 3 mattress. 

Motion Isolation

In comparison to a regular memory foam mattress, the same grid that provides those great temperature-regulating benefits may contribute to a bit more motion transfers. It’s not terrible, but it’s something to keep in mind if zero motion transfer is important to you.

Pain relief

This is one of the all-foam Pod mattresses’ benefits, so you can expect improved pressure or pain relief as you sleep. When we sleep on an unpleasant surface, we frequently wake up with sore muscles and stiff joints. The same is true for foams. If you sleep on an unsuitable mattress, you will most likely wake up in a painful place. Similarly, sleeping on a comfy mattress with the proper specifications might provide pain relief.


Unlike any other cooling mattress on the market, the Pod 3 has unique heating and cooling technologies. The Active Grid technology is effortlessly integrated with five layers of CertiPur-certified adaptable foam. Because a smart mattress must first be a pleasant bed, this technological layer includes sensors as well as a layer of undetectable water-based cooling and heating channels. This mix of support, technology, and temperature regulation was created to be the most comfortable bed for anyone who enjoys sleeping on their back. This unique blend of support, technology, and temperature regulation was created to be the most comfortable bed for everyone who prefers a medium-firm mattress. In addition, the adaptable foams offer the Pod 3 more bounce and a 10-year guarantee.


Technology and Temperature

The Pod Mattress incorporates the same sleep smart technology as the Pod cover, as well as temperature settings that are linked to a central hub. The main difference is that the cover is built into the mattress rather than being purchased separately. The Pod active grid cover zips onto the mattress and features the same tubing and foam softness and pressure relief as the mattress.

Temperature Control

You can adjust the Pod temperature between 55 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit using your Eight Sleep app, and we tested that range out. They have a good mix of hot sleepers and folks who want to sleep warmly. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress temperature control, according to the app, can vary the temperature on either side of the bed mattress. This way, if your companion like it hot and you prefer it cold, you may both have the sleep setting you want for the mattress. The temperature adjustment of the Pod is especially useful for individuals who sleep near an open window during different seasons and want to add a little extra cooling or warmth.

Pod Biometrics

Eight Sleep incorporates biometric tracking via the Pod cover, which can tell you anything from the hours you sleep the most peacefully to your heart rate variability and respiration rate. This helps you realize if you have distinct demands or problems to conquer in order to enhance your sleep quality. In the office, we’re all data nerds who enjoy a tool that can offer a lot of input about our sleep. The Pod’s sensors detected several behaviors that most of us are unaware of since we sleep right through them.

Pod’s Alarm

The Pod’s alarm option, which effectively transforms the entire Pod into a vibration setting, was our favorite feature. You set the alarm using the Pod app, and the entire mattress cover softly vibrates to wake you up. Keep in mind that the Pod is only a mattress cover and not a whole mattress. That means you may use the Pod with any other eligible size bed.


You can assess the quality of your sleep without the use of any wearable gadgets. The Pod 3 has sensors that detect your respiratory rate, sleep stages, sleep time, resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and other parameters. The Pod 3 mattress calculates your sleep quality using key inputs and displays a daily Sleep Fitness Score in the companion Eight Sleep app. This Score assists you in identifying patterns in your sleep health over time. You may gain insights without having to remember to charge any extra devices by smoothly tracking your sleep without needing to wear any device to bed. Even better, the software supports two individuals sleeping in the same bed by keeping two independent sleep histories.


You will receive individualized sleep-improvement advice. The new Pod 3 mattress not only tracks your sleep but also provides unique insights into your recuperation. Receive notifications and tips if your HRV falls below your normal range or if you’re sleeping less than usual. As you learn more about your sleep health, you can use the companion app to access methods like meditations and wind-down exercises to help you fall asleep faster and destress.



The most affordable form of this mattress, a full-size basic Pod, costs little more than $2,000.

Size and base possibilities are limited

Mattresses by Eight Sleep are available in full, queen, king, and California king sizes. If you’re presently sleeping on a twin or twin XL bed, you’ll need to update your frame to utilize this mattress. You may use a slatted foundation or a box spring to support your mattress, however, the firm does not advocate adjustable bases.

There are few firm choices 

The mattresses are medium-firm in firmness. Because the Pod 3 mattress includes an extra foam topper for greater cushioning, these mattresses may feel slightly softer. If you want a firmer bed, you should avoid the Pod series.

Regular maintenance is necessary 

The heating and cooling technology in Eight Sleep mattresses is powered by water, so you’ll need to replace the tank every few months.

Weight restriction

Because the Pod mattress has a weight restriction of 500 pounds, it may not be suitable for couples who weigh approximately 250 pounds.

Pets are not permitted

The technology in Pod 3 mattresses is said to track your sleep, and the business warns that sleeping with dogs may distort the data. Longer claws might pierce or otherwise harm the bed’s technology, which includes a water mat.


Eight Sleep smart mattresses begin at $2,245 for a full-size Pod 3 Cover, with financing beginning at $63 per month. You can get the all-in-one performance of the new Pod 3 mattress just at $3295. Full price information per Pod model may be found below.

How to Pick an Eight Sleep Pod Mattress? 

The structure of the three Pod mattresses is very similar. Weighing these significant differences will help you decide which version will work best for you.


All three mattresses are made entirely of foam. The Pod features three layers of foam, while the Pod 3 mattress has five and six, respectively. Additional layers increase mattress longevity while also changing how a mattress molds and cushions your body. Different varieties of foam also assist to prevent the trapped-in-the-bed sensation that some memory foam mattresses produce. The Pod 3 mattress contains an open-cell foam layer, they may feel somewhat more elastic and sensitive to movement. In certain circumstances, the additional inch of foam results in a somewhat softer mattress.


The Pod is 11 inches tall, which puts it an inch higher than many ordinary 10-inch beds. The new Pod 3 stands 12 inches tall. One inch may not seem like a significant difference and it generally isn’t but it can give additional support and durability for people who want a more durable bed.

Feel and firmness

According to Eight Sleep customer service, all three Pods are medium firm, however, they have a slightly distinct texture. The standard Pod has the firmest feel, while the Pro Max has the softest. The Pro is in the center. However, keep in mind that, while the Pro Max may feel a little softer than the other two, it is still not called a soft or fluffy mattress. Some reviewers found these mattresses to be uncomfortably firm, so keep that in mind if you prefer a softer bed.

Technology for health checks

The Daily Health Check feature is available on the Pod 3 mattress. This technology leverages data from the Pod 3 mattresses’ sleep and heart rate variability tracking features to provide you with updates on these biometrics. According to the firm, these features might provide information about your health and encourage overall well-being.


The Pod mattress is unlike any other mattress you’ve ever slept on. Here are a few pointers to help you make the most of your new sleeping experience.

Use Dual-Zone Heating and Cooling

If you sleep with a partner, make sure to take advantage of our dual-zone cooling and heating technology. You may invite your spouse to download the Eight Sleep app and link to your Pod from within the app. When your spouse is joined, they may customize their own Smart Temp, get health data, and select their own Gentle Rise Wake Up choices, all without impacting your side of the bed. Ideal for couples with varying temperature preferences.

Pets, children, and rolling partners can all have an impact on your sleep score. Sensors in the Active Grid layer monitor your sleep data. If you have a pet or a youngster in your bed, or if your partner moves onto your side, the sensor may detect their movement as yours. It is crucial to remember that if your dogs have claws, they can pierce the Active Grid, therefore if they lay on your Pod, make sure you put down a blanket as a protective barrier.

Certain Water Level 

If the water level in the Hub falls below a certain level, make sure to replace it. If your Hub runs out of water, the Eight Sleep app will warn you. For the best temperature regulation, act quickly. You will refill your Pod in the same manner as you did during the first setup.

Mattress toppers should be avoided 

Thick mattress toppers obstruct thermoregulation and sleep monitoring by putting your body between the Active Grid layer’s sensors. Check out the Pod Protector if you want to utilize one.

Connect your Eight Sleep app to additional monitoring devices. 

Eight Sleep also can sync recorded sleep data with third-party applications such as Apple Health and Google Fit. You may enable the sharing function inside the Eight Sleep app… and you can check off which particular data will be shared with Eight Sleep in the settings on your phone for that individual tracking app.


You can’t try out a mattress in the showroom when you buy it online, it’s critical to find a mattress with a decent return policy. Examine the policy thoroughly before purchasing to avoid being shocked by costs later.  If your new Pod does not meet your expectations, you have 100 days to return it for a full refund. Returns are free, and Eight Sleep will assist you in arranging for the mattress to be donated.  To begin a return, send an email to customer service with your order number, which you should preserve when you make your purchase. The mattress’s 10-year limited guarantee covers body indentations deeper than an inch, as well as any product faults or problems. It’s worth noting that some mattress warranties need you to use a specific type of foundation with the mattress, so double-check before buying. The Pod technology comes with a two-year guarantee.

FAQ on Eight Sleep

What technologies does the Eight Sleep Pod mattress have?

The mattresses include an “Active Grid” layer that utilizes water to regulate temperature, which is controlled by a smartphone app. You may also track your sleep using patented technology that identifies heartbeats and breathing patterns, according to the business. Pod mattresses may be linked to smart home systems like Alexa and Nest.

How does the Eight Sleep app function?

To customize your sleep experience, the Eight Sleep app unlocks the Pod’s full intelligence. It’s the ultimate sleep coach, backed by real-world data. The Pod learns and adjusts the temperature to enhance your sleep based on your current sleep quality, optimal thermal environment, and ambient variables.

Is Eight Sleep a reputable brand?

Eight Sleep is a mattress company that sells “beds in a box” online. The firm focuses on goods with smart technology and sleep-tracking capabilities. The Eight Sleep Pod, Eight Sleep’s newest high-tech mattress type, will be the center of this review also known simply as The Pod.

Who can benefit from eight hours of sleep?

There are several reasons for this, but it does imply that a sizable portion of the population can benefit from Eight Sleep’s temperature-controlled mattress and pillow. Those who enjoy data and wish to improve their sleeping patterns are another group who might benefit from Eight Sleep.

What is the EightSleep Pod 3 Warranty and Trial Period? 

The EightSleep Pod 3 is backed by a 10-year warranty. With a 100-night sleep trial, you may test the Pod 3 and return it for free if it does not meet your expectations. Overall, they are very conventional warranty and trial periods. However, keep in mind that there are more cheap solutions available with longer warranties and trial periods.


The major purpose of Eight Sleep is to provide innovative cooling technologies in designer mattresses and pillows for your bed. These mattresses are made up of three foam layers that provide great comfort as well as a cooling effect on the sleeper.  Eight Sleep is an online mattress company that specializes in products that combine cutting-edge technology with sleep training. This is done through the use of a blended foam that molds to your body, a cover grid that records your sleep patterns, breathing patterns, and heart rates, and a hub that pumps water to heat or cool the bed to a specified temperature. Whole, this is a well-rounded bed firm that focuses on maintaining your overall body temperature while you sleep. We highly advise anyone considering purchasing Eight Sleep to do so. We strongly advise anybody considering purchasing from Eight Sleep to take advantage of the 100-night sleep guarantee. This allows you to bring the mattress or Pod cover into your house and get a better sense of how it will fit into your life. Even if you have trouble sleeping, Eight Sleep can help you locate the ideal environment to help you sleep better. The software and smart technology are really what distinguishes Eight Sleep, and you’ll agree once you’ve installed the mattress or Pod cover in your own home. The software and smart technology are what distinguishes Eight Sleep, and you’ll agree once you’ve installed the mattress or Pod cover in your own home. 

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