Why do couples lose their spark after a few years? Tips to keep it alive

Relationships are an integral part of everyone’s life. Every person who gets into a relationship at first place nurtures it, provides it with endless love, and takes care of it like a small baby. But after sometime forgets to do all of it. This is where the problem starts. Couples start taking each other for granted. They stop doing all those little sweet gestures that they used to do in the initial phase of their relationship.Are you also losing the spark in your relationship? Do you feel that you are on the verge of a breakup? Then, its high time to ponder upon it. You need to start doing self introspection. You need to start looking at the reasons that are creating problems. Long-distance, misunderstandings, contradicting opinions, increasing resentment, no quality time, etc. are the best known reasons to lose spark after a few years of relation or marriage. Even the people who are not facing such issues also might lose their grip over romance. Not every relationship is perfect. It is a constant effort that needs to be done every day and every year only then the butterflies of love will remain. It is very significant to realize that worldly affairs like work, busy lifestyle, children, etc. are essential but they cannot become the reason for your lost spark. However, they can hamper the priority you need to give it your partner. Therefore, to work on your relationship and to win your partner’s love back, here are some of the tips which you can adopt to keep the spark alive: • Built new rules together The initial step to keep the spark alive is to build something new together all over again. Often it is seen that people cannot keep up with the old rituals or traditions as a part of their relation.

The best way to alter that is to create something new. This will add excitement and fun to your relationship.For instance, try a new tradition of the game night once in a week, surprise date every month from either of the partner, movie weekends, and travel new destinations twice in a year, etc. Doing something new will enhance the lost chemistry. Also, try to spend some intimate time together and indulge in creative love making sessions to keep the spark alive.• Avoid mobile phones when together In the era of technology, using your mobile phones can be a bit intimidating for your partner. This addiction can really destroy a good relationship within a short time. It is best to consider the time to spend with your partner as very precious. Try baby steps to avoid your phone when having a conversation with your partner, having meals together, while binge-watching a Netflix, etc. Be present in the moment rather than in a virtual world. • Make happy moments together No doubt that laughter is the best medicine in the world. But it is also a well-known secret to a happy relationship. It is as simple as that. Life is not meant to be taken seriously and if you do then definitely your relationship is at stake. Therefore, even if you and your partner get involved in a heated conversation, chuck it with a silly joke. Add humor in your uncomfortable moments. 
Always remember, even if the whole world is against you, your partner will stand holding your hand. This is the reason that you cannot take your relationship for granted. It is the small moments and things that strengthen every relationship.Therefore, do follow the above-mentioned tips to keep the spark alive in your relationship and your partner happy. 



About the AuthorJaideep Singh is a professional content writer/editor. After a brief stint as an in-house writer for WNS & Amzer, he started working as a freelancer. Since then, he has been actively working for various companies and brands. Apart from professional writing, he loves to read, explore world music, and cultivate his skills. When time allows, he loves to write on pressing issues and pen down his personal thoughts.

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