What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around

My beloved late granny used to tell me that karma plays a great role in life. Until she was alive she paid heed to the karma. While growing up in front of her eyes, I realized that she used to wish good for everyone without being biased. She was never partial and paid an equal amount of attention to everyone.

I am thankful to her that she taught me such a great lesson in life. It is helping me in today while dealing with people from all walks of life.
I certainly believe that the way we treat others, we will eventually be treated in the same manner at some point in time. It’s nothing short of a vicious circle of action and reaction that’s simply uncontrollable. For instance, if you are respectful, kind, generous, and responsible towards others then you will get the same treatment from others. This is exactly ‘Karma’.
However, today, one can easily find many people who are least bothered about Karma. They just want to play with emotions, trust, and feelings to gain momentary benefits. They leave no stone unturned to manipulate things and indulge in wrong deeds to get the maximum benefits. And when something goes wrong with them in the future they act innocent. That’s why it’s important to know the relevance of karma. It keeps watching us and takes our actions into account.
We should not forget that we all have to face the karma in life. For instance, if you have earned money through the wrong means, it will never give you fruitful results. If you disrespect people, you will eventually face the same treatment sooner or later.

Thus, it’s really important to focus on your deeds(Karma). If you are doing good to others, God will do good for you. He will open up multiple doors for you. God works in a silent mode without making much noise, unlike us. All he wants from us is to indulge in good deeds and habits. Be it a relationship, business, or any other matter, we all need to focus on good karma.
There is certainly no shortcut to hard work. You may gain results quickly once or twice by using a clever trick. But, it doesn’t last forever. Hard work makes you a better human being and helps you to realize the worth of what you have achieved. Hence, good deeds followed by hard work will surely help you to taste success.

Love you bebe! Wishing you happy b’day in heaven. Your sweetest memories shall always dwell in my mind.

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