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Square online is a user-friendly and reasonably priced e-commerce website builder. Square Online offers excellent customer service and sales features, but its design flexibility is somewhat constrained. Continue reading for a detailed analysis of Square Online’s performance! One of their top website builders, Weebly, was acquired by Square, a major player in payment processing, back in 2018. Square now had everything it needed to take on the world of e-commerce store building after dominating the payments industry, and the Square Online builder is the outcome. We’ll get out forward and say that this store builder is eerily reminiscent of Weebly. It does, however, have some great new features and a free e-commerce package (an absolute game changer). This online store builder has undergone our testing, and it’s safe to say that we were impressed with the results. Square Online is a better option for small e-commerce firms than Weebly, especially if you already have a brick-and-mortar store or want to get the most out of your money. Square is one of the most well-known brands in online commerce. Square transformed the market with quick, affordable monetizing strategies after starting as one of the few ways for people to accept “mobile” transactions while they were on the road. Now, practically anyone can open a Square account and start accepting payments wherever they are, including one-time sellers, small company owners, and startup companies. The fact that Square is the preferred option for POS systems and offline payments is understandable. Going digital is now simpler than ever thanks to Square, which enables businesses to launch online stores for simply the price of their payment processing.



You may sell anything using the Square Online platform, including physical products, digital products, carry-out orders, event tickets, and more. You could even accept gifts. However, there are some products and business ventures that are illegal for you to engage in. Setting up your site only requires a few minutes after you have an account with Square. For any eCommerce site, controlling your inventory will be the area where you’ll need to put in the most effort. When you log into your dashboard, a full menu of your selections will be visible on the left. You can access your welcome page by simply selecting the “Online Store” option. You may start creating the kind of website you wish to run as soon as you click the “Get Started” button. It’s awesome that Square actually provides a tonne of amazing themes to get you started. Like other free WooCommerce or WordPress themes, they don’t have an outmoded or worn-out appearance. Additionally, you can alter your appearance at any time by using the Store Editor. Every design you select is responsive by default, as you would expect from a modern eCommerce store application, allowing you to use it on any device your consumers may use. You will be prompted to enter the details for your online store, including the desired URL and DNS settings, after selecting the theme that best suits you. Even though this can be quite challenging, Square’s tutorials are always available if you require additional assistance. There are also a few other alternatives you can utilize to set up your store. For example, the solution interacts with Weebly and BigCommerce, allowing you to create an online store using both of those services. If you want to design a unique experience for your site, you can even use the Square API.

How to Create a Square Account Online?

So how exactly can you create a successful Square Online? The good news is that it’s far easier than you may have imagined. With Square, setting up a new account, processing credit cards, accepting orders, and listing products are all made to be simple processes. The best part is that everybody who signs up for the Square POS gets a free online store added to their account, so pretty much anyone who uses Square can use one.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what you must accomplish.

Step 1: Create an online Square account.

Setting up your free internet account is the first thing you must do. You may access all the helpful Square dashboard features, such as store controls and crucial product information, by logging into your account. To get started, all you need is an email address and password. Square, though, will inquire as to your location.

Step 2: Creating your URL is step two.

Once you’ve logged in successfully, you should check to see whether anyone can locate you online. To do that, select a URL for your store. You can receive a URL hosted by the Square domain by entering the title of your e-commerce website in the “name” area of the Settings Screen.

Step 3: Complete the Crucial Information

You’ll also need to fill out a few more crucial facts in Square Online’s Settings section. For instance, you’ll need to put up delivery details, shipping costs, and related information if you’re going to be shipping and delivering online purchases. You can choose free shipping if you don’t need to add a markup to the prices of the things you’re selling to pay for shipping and delivery. This option is popular with clients, so offering it could improve your chances of making some extra online sales. It’s important to add information about your return policies and business hours along with your delivery specifics. You can choose to publish the terms of your return policy and provide some basic information about your returns next to the Shipping section. Your return policy will provide your consumers more assurance when they shop with you, but your business hours demonstrate that you are a trustworthy firm that they can get in touch with.

Step 4: Establish Your Online Store Theme

Once you’ve completed the “Settings” section of your Square Online account, it’s time to start designing a website that truly sets you apart. Fortunately, Square makes changing your store’s design simple. Simply select “Edit Store” from the dashboard to begin going. Choosing a theme or design for your store is the first step. You can customize your website to match your brand image by experimenting with various online themes. After the successful launch of your e-commerce website, you can also change themes. The size of the header and the featured photos are what distinguish the various Square Online themes from one another. For your convenience, Square suggests utilizing particular picture sizes for each theme. You must match the size of your logo to the requirements of the specific theme on your website if you want to use it in your store. If you’d like, you may also include the name of your store as text.

Step 5: Revamp your website

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you may start tweaking it to suit your requirements. You won’t need to worry about learning how to create a store from scratch because Square will help you through the process of changing your theme with a series of simple and easy steps. It’s as easy as clicking the “Upload Logo” space if you have logos to add, for instance. Additionally, you can add your website’s hero image to the Feature Image area. This turns into the primary homepage image for your website. When you’re ready, navigate to the Store Editor screen’s bottom.  Upload any pictures you want to feature alongside your contact details and business hours in this section of the website. You’ll be prepared to start adding products to your store once you’ve finished bringing your theme to life in order to start earning a real profit.

Step 6: Start listing your products 

Adding item listings to your e-commerce website is simple, as it is with the majority of things in the Square Online universe. No matter where you decide to sell your goods, Square will keep track of all of your products through a common item library, making your online sales and data accessible within the Square POS. One of the reasons it’s so simple to run a successful online business with Square is the centralized method that Square uses to manage stores. Even the parameters for each of your products up for sale can be changed whenever you choose. Additionally, you will be able to add items directly from your Store editor screen into your online store listings.

Step 7: Launch your own online store 

When all of your products have been successfully listed, your online store can finally be launched. Just scroll to the top of the Store Editor page and select the green “Launch” button to complete this process, which is once more quite easy. Your store will be automatically uploaded by Square and go live in a matter of seconds. You can start selling immediately as your free store opens for business. Even the Square POS has marketing tools like the Square email marketing capability that can aid in converting your customers in the future.

Is Square Online right for the eCommerce business?

How Good Are the Designs at Square Online?

How to Make a Website Using Square Online? 

What are various Sales Tools & Features on Square Online?

Adding Items

Importantly, it’s simple to add versions of those products to your store as well. If you’re selling gifts, you may even include modifiers to let customers customize their purchases. Additionally, creating new categories is really simple. In fact, Square Online makes category suggestions for you based on how comparable products are organized online. In general, the Item Library is a simple and easy method for adding and arranging your products:

Square item collection: 

Low stock levels operating a sale? You can motivate your customers by adding item indicators to your products (little labels that say things like “On sale” or “Only a few left!”). Square Online makes it simple to do so, but you must first switch to a subscription plan.

Accept Payments:

Controlling Stock

Every retail manager’s biggest nightmare is selling a product on their website only to find out that they already sold the final one in their store a short while ago. If you want to prevent awkward talks, difficult returns, and dissatisfied consumers, effective inventory management systems are essential. Thankfully, Square Online has you covered in this instance. This is when the utilization of Square as your point-of-sale system and an existing brick-and-mortar store really shines. From your centralized dashboard, you can manage all inventories and add stock levels for various locations. Keep this current, and Square will handle everything else. The following modifications can be reflected in your stock by updating it using Square Online:

Stock received: Sets the stock number for new items and increases the total amount of existing stock by the amount you input.

Recount inventory: Sets the stock number for new items or replaces the current stock total with the number you enter.

Restock return: Increases the stock total by the amount you enter.

Damage: Reduces the stock number by the specified amount.

Theft: Reduces the stock number by the specified amount.

Loss: Reduces the stock number by the specified amount.

Gaining a clear image and history of the performance of your physical or online store is made incredibly simple by categorizing changes to inventory in this way. Your tax return will also be significantly easier as a result.

Multi-Channel Selling 

Multi-Channel Selling is possible because of Square Online’s simple syncing with your Square POS system. Even when you sell both offline and online, these two systems operate together to keep track of your inventory. You may also interface with Instagram, use targeted Facebook advertisements, and let customers pick up their online orders in-store. Square Online also offers programs for building password-protected pages. Therefore, B2B vendors can limit access to their wholesale goods to pre-approved clients.

Buy Buttons: 

Square Online provides freely customized buy buttons. They may be quickly added to a new or current website, allowing you to start accepting safe payments right away. The shape and language of the buttons can both be changed. They work with a variety of hosting platforms as well.


Similar to a blog, Square Online’s Stories feature enables you to communicate with customers in unique ways by showcasing new products, offering recipe suggestions, or sharing personal updates. Your postings will be visible on the Stories Overview page of your website, and users can use the built-in sharing buttons to share your pieces on their social network profiles.

Create and promote basic discount codes that can be used to deduct a fixed amount, a percentage, or even to offer free shipping. To encourage recurring business, you can also let customers submit product evaluations and sell and accept gift cards. Additionally, there are tools for data collection using contact forms.

Shipment Options

Square Online offers you numerous options for configuring your shipping. For each region you are shipping to, you must choose how you want the delivery cost to be determined. The following methods work for doing this:

Adjusted pricing based on order weight so that bigger items will cost more to deliver

Order total: Depending on the order’s value, the delivery rate is either increased or decreased.

Real-time rates* – delivery fee is automatically calculated based on destination country, weight, and current shipping costs Item quantity: change delivery pricing based on the number of products purchased exclusively accessible with a Premium account

Make sure your “Shipping From” address is up to date because Square Online will utilize it to look up carriers and availability! If you have a Performance or Premium account, you can print shipping labels through Square Online and then manually mark pending items as sent. Keeping track of where everything is is made quite simple by this.

Inventory management:

Keep track of the inventory in both your physical locations and online store. With each sale, inventory totals are updated. When inventory runs low, Square Online offers options for automatic reordering as well as low stock alerts.

Calculating taxes

It would be a logistical nightmare to manually determine the appropriate tax based on where you are selling it. Sellers should therefore be happy to hear these three words: Tax calculator that is automatic. Square Online will automatically take into account the taxes in both states if you are shipping between them. It also takes into account delivery within the same state, in which case you will only be charged one fee. The 5% Canadian tax rate will be automatically applied to all shipments going to Canada, and any additional territory-specific taxes will be levied on top of this. You must manually input tax rates once you leave the US and Canada and are on your own. Although a hassle, this is really rather common across eCommerce systems. Even eCommerce powerhouse Shopify requires manual entry of these numbers. It’s important to note that Square Online clearly states in its disclaimer that you are responsible for adhering to tax laws. Our tax tools’ accuracy or applicability are not guaranteed by us. Consult a seasoned tax advisor if you have any concerns regarding your tax obligations. Once more, this is pretty common behavior across the platforms we evaluate.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a term. It has to do with how well Google can detect your products based on how well-built your website is. Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses, but if you can get your product to appear on page one of Google search results for well-known “keywords” (such as “winter candle” in our example), you’ll notice a huge increase in sales. Frequently, a few little adjustments are all that is necessary for Google to recognize your offering for what it is. The Google bots are intelligent, but they cannot read images and cannot decipher your skillfully written product descriptions in the same way that a human brain can.

SEO of square products

You need a site where you can explain in plain English what your product is, and Square Online gives you just that. Pages can be treated similarly:

SEO square page

Beyond this, there isn’t much you can do and there isn’t much information on excellent SEO practices. Platforms that make it simple to design a website without coding come with a natural trade-off in that you can’t subsequently go in and edit the more difficult elements if you want to. Overall, however, we’d say Square Online is more than adequate for small businesses and holds its own in the SEO arena. To prepare yourself, you might want to undertake some further reading on the subject.


Pop-ups can be an effective approach to promote sales and gather email signups. Actually, we make good use of them here at Website Builder Expert. Pop-ups can be used with Square Online to

We were glad to find that the Square Online pop-up templates are all quite good because we know from experience that pop-ups that are poorly designed or overly intrusive can rapidly turn people off:


The following emails are automatically set up to be sent from your Square Online account:

Emails sent to clients who add products to their cart but leave your website before checking out should be considered abandoned cart emails. With an estimated 80% cart abandonment rate and a follow-up email open rate of about 40%, this is a very profitable tactic. Reviews of the items you sell are extremely important for attracting clients, therefore an automated email asking people to provide reviews on your website is a major advantage. Additionally, you can change the “theme” and content of your emails to match the style and tone of your company.


With Square Marketing, creating an email campaign is incredibly easy. What strikes me the most about the Dashboard is how simple it is to locate a pre-made campaign that meets your goals. With readymade templates and styles already developed for you, each goal choice you make directs you further along the process. Even the suggestive wording that Square inserts inside the blocks are editable. I can see how this may be especially useful for someone whose strengths aren’t in marketing or writing. I’ve put together a sample campaign below so you can see how the entire procedure works.

Define an objective

They will design a blast campaign to send the identical offer, a coupon, to all of their contacts. I’ve chosen Offer a Coupon as our main goal. Using Square Marketing to Send a Coupon

Create the campaign.

The email editor appeared after you clicked the blue Design Campaign button in the top right corner. To demonstrate how simple Square makes it,  you choose a floral theme and kept all of the pre-written text it provides:

You may also utilize the drag-and-drop editor under the Design Your Campaign’s Blocks tab if you’d want greater design flexibility. Since your objective is to demonstrate how easy it is to create a campaign, you are demonstrating what you can create with just a few clicks.

Select your audience

Next, you may decide whether to send to every person on your list or just a select group of people. If your accounts are linked, you can see in the screenshot below that you may also share any promotions with your Facebook fans.

I’ve decided to email everyone on my list with my blast campaign.

Review and send

Reviewing your Square email campaign before sending it to your consumers is the last and most important step. You can choose to pay per email if you do not already have a full email marketing subscription, as shown in the example below, or you can sign up for the free 30-day trial Square offers if you do not already have one. I wanted to draw attention to the fact that you have the option of sending the email again if the recipient doesn’t open it as well as sending a follow-up email before the coupon expires. If you choose that option on this screen, those will be sent out immediately. Square will automatically start segmenting into specific email lists for you as your email list expands based on sales (e.g., new, regular, or lapsed customers).


Simple to use

Square Appointments features an intuitive, user-friendly interface in line with the Square product line. Square Appointments makes it quick and simple to start taking appointments, regardless of your level of experience as a business owner. Additionally, Square has add-on services that can be integrated with your Square Appointments app for payroll, invoicing, marketing, and customer loyalty.


Again, Square Appointments functions nicely on mobile, just like the other products in the Square portfolio. The use of an app-based solution might be very beneficial for entrepreneurs that run various sites for their businesses. The Apple and Google Play app stores give Square Appointments high ratings, and it is available for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Simple but Effective

Install the free app on your smartphone quickly and effortlessly by downloading it. Drag and drop feature makes it simple to arrange and move products, categories, and other things. The ticket management function enables you to generate, store, and add to orders with just a touch while keeping tickets open. The software’s simplicity of use guarantees that consumers install it straight away and start enjoying the advantages.

Online company expansion is simple, especially for Square users

Square Online is available to anyone with no technical or design expertise because of its simple-to-customize templates. Although Square POS is not required to use the platform, those who do will find it considerably simpler to get started: Square Online receives automatic updates on inventory, customer information, loyalty programs, and other Square features that you already use.

Pricing that’s fair and competitive

While some rivals provide free trials, Square has a version that is permanently free and completely functional. If you choose a premium version, the cost is clear and there is no obligation to sign a long-term commitment.

Flexible schedules

Square’s straightforward pricing together with its a la carte offerings, such as its loyalty program, let you quickly scale up and down as your business changes. You can begin using a certain feature (or stop using it) as needed. Since many of these add-on features have their own tiered pricing structures, you can try them out without making a significant initial investment.

Digital Transactions

Use Apple and Android smartphones and tablets to collect payments for rapid, paperless transactions. Additionally, Square manages inventory, creates sales data, and automatically stores digital receipts.


Through insightful reports and insightful analytics, Square may produce feedback, offering you insights into your operations and assisting you in making better business decisions. You get to manage your company in real-time while keeping track of your sales, clients, and other factors.

Anywhere Inventory Management

To manage your inventory from anywhere, just log in to your free Square Dashboard on any computer. You may swiftly import hundreds of products using CSV spreadsheets, adjust inventory quantities in bulk, receive daily stock alert emails, and download reports on current inventory.

Efficient Email Marketing

To help you send more precise messages at the appropriate moment, Square can assist you to launch automated email campaigns. To improve client interactions, you can put up welcome emails, birthday offers, and other things. To expand your client database, the system enables you to add new customer profiles at the point of sale. It also offers configurable email templates, a distribution list, and other features that enable you to send email campaigns quickly after coming up with an idea.

Widespread Integration

By effortlessly integrating with dozens of apps for e-commerce, inventory management, invoices, personnel administration, booking, and scheduling, among other things, Square POS may expand its capability. Additionally, you can use Square Connect to develop your own original application services for your company.

24/7 Customer Support

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact Square by phone or email. You can also visit its 24/7 support center, where you can find a wealth of POS advice, frequently asked questions, articles, guides, and videos. Additionally, there is a seller community where you can work together and gain knowledge from other sellers.

A robust free option is available.

The Free plan for Square Appointments has a lot of features. Square Assistant offers basic scheduling features as well. Along with basic team administration capabilities, there is an online booking website. You now get Square Messages in addition to the client management capabilities included with pricier programs. All plans include the same operations and reporting features as well as the support that is provided. However, you will need to upgrade to one of the paid plans if you intend to use Square Appointments for more than one location.


Few independent marketplaces

You may sell online with Square through a number of platforms, including Instagram. However, several prominent omissions stand out, such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. You’ll just need to manage those channels separately or use another e-commerce provider, like BigCommerce, but you can still sell at those locations.

Square Reliance

That Square Appointments integrates seamlessly with other Square products is a good thing. But it could be difficult to make Square Appointments work for your company if you currently use other tools, like those for payroll or invoicing, for example. You may find out if the providers you use have partner integrations by reviewing the integration options.

Square is the only accepted payment processor.

Since credit card processing fees can be high, many small firms opt to select their own processor. Despite the fact that Square includes payment processing in its Appointments app, there is no opportunity to use a different payment processor. You can choose from a variety of suppliers with some rivals, including SimplyBook.

Square Pricing

The pricing structure of Square has always been one of its main selling points for retailers. You can spend as little or as much money as you like to set up an online store using Square marketplace. There is a free plan available where all you pay are processing costs. In other words, you only have to pay for the cost of processing payments (2.9% of each transaction plus $0.30).

There are a few more alternatives accessible for business owners who require a little bit more capability from their online store. You could, for instance, upgrade to

Free Plan: $0 per month plus processing fees.

Plus Plan: Plus has &29 per month plus processing fees.

Premium: Custom plus processing fees.

Features and functionality are where the “free” plan and what you receive with the paid choices diverge. For instance, while all paid plans offer limitless storage, the free plan does not. If you select the free option, square adverts will be displayed on all of your content. On the other hand, the Plus plan includes extra features including custom domains, site statistics, and more marketing tools. You can access third-party integrations, custom code, product badges, Facebook ads, pop-up notifications, comprehensive eCommerce analytics, and much more if you upgrade to “Premium”. In essence, it’s the distinction between an e-commerce solution that is general purpose and one that is specifically designed for online stores.


Is Square Online truly unrestricted?

A POS, inventory management, and the ability to accept payments online are all included in Square Online’s free plan. When you make a sale, whether it be online or off, there are transaction fees that cost 2.9% plus 30 cents for each sale. However, you may be able to obtain a better rate through other credit card processing firms.

What about Square security? 

On its platform, Square Online uses a number of security measures to protect transactions and user data. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are used on websites, and credit card payments are encrypted before being sent. Additionally, Square keeps all of its products in compliance with PCI.

Is Weebly and Square Online the same thing?

In 2018, Square purchased Weebly, and as a result of its merger, Weebly is now a part of Square’s product line. While Square is more of an e-commerce platform with site-building features, Weebly is a website builder with e-commerce alternatives. If you’d rather use another website builder, such as WordPress, you should search for the top web hosting companies to host your website online.

What makes a merchant account necessary?

You require a merchant account if you wish to accept credit and debit cards for payment in your company. A merchant account is a crucial middleman for transferring money between your clients’ bank accounts and depositing that money into the bank account for your company.

Why do I require a square POS system?

When a customer completes a transaction with a store or other business, a POS system is employed. A POS system makes it simple to handle these transactions and enables the business owner to monitor certain KPIs to better understand their company, which may boost sales and accelerate expansion. A firm can enhance and optimize both its customers’ experience and any business-related logistics by gathering and evaluating information pertinent to POS transactions. The point of sale is a good place to get this information, which includes the customer’s payment method, the time and location of the transaction, real-time sale records, and inventory management.

Who benefits most from Square Online?

For small brick-and-mortar businesses wishing to quickly and easily establish an online presence, we suggest Square Online. The integrations offered by Square Online are especially helpful if you utilize Square POS.

Are free sales actually possible?

Yes! The free plan from Square Online is a fantastic low-cost solution that enables you to sell things without committing to a premium plan. However, since there will be advertisements on your website, we do not advise it over time.

How can I get Square POS up and running?

Open an account by downloading the Square POS app and logging in. Enter card numbers to begin receiving payments without a reader. You can either choose to pick up a reader at a participating retail location, which should happen in 10 business days, or we’ll send one to you instead.

How long will the installation of my Point of Sale take?

It doesn’t take long to set up Square to accept credit cards. You can set up things and utilize our whole array of tools to help you run and expand in just a few more minutes.


When it comes to processing flat-rate pay-as-you-go payments, Square has taken over. In addition to its general small business POS, Square continuously improves the functionality of its free point-of-sale software, offering options tailored for retail, dining, and appointment-based businesses like hairdressers. Additionally, it provides business capabilities including payroll, marketing, and banking. In general, Square is one of our top picks for small-company solutions. Create a free account at Square. The owners of small businesses and those seeking a POS system would appreciate Square’s superb payment service and its top-notch features. Square is utilized by tens of millions of businesses and, while it may not directly compete with PayPal in some areas, its success speaks volumes. The service offers extensive business management features, customer rewards, and much more, making it much more than just a way to accept card payments. When it comes to processing flat-rate pay-as-you-go payments, Square has taken over. In addition to its general small business POS, Square continuously improves the functionality of its free point-of-sale software, offering options tailored for retail, dining, and appointment-based businesses like hairdressers. Additionally, it provides business capabilities including payroll, marketing, and banking. In general, Square is one of our top picks for small-company solutions. Create a free account at Square.

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