5 Instagram Reels Hacks To Increase Followers, Engagement, & Profits


Reels have become immensely popular in today’s world. Knowing the fact that Instagram has become the major spot for Millenials to consume video content, every business, startup, and young entrepreneur is eyeing growth, engagement, and followers to enhance their popularity. The word ‘Influencer’ has become a big rage on Instagram and everywhere, and everyone wants to become a popular influencer to grab more brands and endorsements.

How To Create Sensational Instagram Reels?


However, to become an Instagram sensation, one of the best ways is to make highly impactful reels. Your reels should be so engaging, immersive, interesting, and original that it becomes the talk of the town.

Today, we are going to share 5 result-proven and effective Instagram Reels hacks that will definitely bring more followers, and increase your engagement on Instagram.


5 Instagram Reels Hacks

1 Create something original

To garner attention and to enhance engagement on Instagram, your reel should have original content. The original content has the power to reach on top of the Instagram Reels fighting against millions of creators. Hence, sit and plan out the content before posting it on Instagram Reels.

However, the content should be educating or entertaining to grab the attention of followers/viewers on Instagram.

You can also recreate a popular idea and twist it in your own style to make it unique.

Also, Instagram pays more attention to its own Reels editor. So, try not to use 3rd party editing apps to increase your chances of garnering more views.

2 Add Closed Captions & On-screen Text

You can’t believe the fact that almost 85% of videos on Instagram are watched with no sound. In such a scenario, adding on-screen text and closed captions will help viewers to watch your video without missing out on the message. In this way, you can reach more viewers on Instagram easily and they will come to your page again and again to watch more videos.

Just select, ‘Captions’ to add video subtitles and make it user-friendly for even people with hearing disabilities.

3 Keep an eye on Trends

Before making any content, scroll through the Reels section and find out the trending songs, videos, and content created by other creators or influencers. If anything is trending such as a particular song, dance, or an idea then make a reel on it in a unique manner to garner attention without making much effort.

4 Pick one niche and work on it continuously

This is the best way to gain views and benefits on Instagram Reels. If you want virality then pick one niche that you think is the best one for you. Then start posting on that particular niche regularly without taking breaks.

Every influencer, brand, and company has a particular niche that they want to go with on Instagram despite having multiple interests.

However, you need to be consistent. Don’t get discouraged if your initial Reels are nothing fetching a good number of likes and engagement. It takes time to conquer. So, have patience.

5 Use at least 5 hashtags

Don’t forget to include at least 5 hashtags to reach a wider audience on Instagram. However, the hashtags should be as per the content and its relevant audiences to increase the engagement without beating around the bush.

The Instagram algorithm is very intelligent and through the right hashtags, it reads and circulates your content among food pages and lovers.

In fact, to get the best and apt hashtags, you can also make use of Instagram’s Keyword Search tool to enhance reach and engagement.


Apart from that, don’t forget to add trending music to your Instagram Reels, add them to the Story section, and share them to the Feed to amplify the engagement.

By following these 5 hacks to Instagram Reels you will definitely get incredible results and grow your Instagram page like never before.

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