TunnelBear [The Ultimate Tutorial]


Your internet service provider may observe everything you do when your computer is online. Every search, all the files you download, Basically Everything! More individuals are choosing virtual private networks, or VPNs for short, to safeguard their privacy and prevent companies from tracking what they do online, whether you’re connected to risky public Wi-Fi or your home network, a VPN is software that protects the privacy of your internet connection. Regardless of where you connect, having an additional layer of protection that prevents outsiders from viewing your online activity helps keep you secure. 

Virtual private networks safeguard you by encrypting the tunnel through which all of your device’s data passes as it travels to the web. When words and data, such as text files, are encrypted, a secret code is created. Without the password, attempting to read encrypted data will result in the display of totally irrelevant stuff. To access the internet secretly, a VPN serves as your gateway. You can install VPN software on the majority of common devices, including your phone, laptop, and desktop. A VPN provider is not the same as an internet service provider.



The easiest virtual private network (VPN) to use for both individuals and groups is TunnelBear. As a way of connecting to places all over the world, TunnelBear enables you to do so over an encrypted tunnel. You may browse the web while connected as though you were physically present in the country you are linked to since your true IP address is concealed. It is one of the most well-known VPN services available online.  It also offers a lot.

 For instance, it provides a number of features, you could use TunnelBear to safeguard your privacy, conceal your true IP address, get around internet censorship, browse the internet as someone in a different country, and unblocks different streaming websites like Netflix, and adheres to a no-logs policy. Additionally, TunnelBear offers a free edition, an excellent option for people unsure about committing to a subscription. The well-known VPN service TunnelBear is the property of the American cybersecurity firm McAfee.


You can easily install TunnelBear on your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Follow these steps: 

  1. STEP 1: Download the Tunnelbear application on your device.
  2. STEP 2: Sign up for a TunnelBear account. 

If you haven’t previously created an account with TunnelBear, click “Create a Free Account.”Enter your email address, make a secure password, then click Verify Your Email to proceed.

  1. STEP 3: Use an Existing Account to Log In. 

If you have already registered, click “Log in” under “Already have an account?”. Enter the password and account email that you used when signing up. Click the “Next” button to read the Quick Guide, or click “Skip” to move on.

  1. STEP 4: Email Verification: 

If you recently joined up, look for a verification email from TunnelBear in your inbox and click “Verify my account.” You can move directly to Get Connected if you already have an account. To access the map in the TunnelBear app, click “OK, verified.”

  1. STEP 5: Get Connected:

To view the list of nations, click the arrow next to the name of the tunnel (in this case, “Fastest”). Then Select the nation you want to connect with. You are all prepared and prepared to use the tunnel.



The TunnelBear setup isn’t very innovative compared to rivals in terms of encryption. In order to validate users, they encrypt data using the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm. Even the US government has given its approval for this algorithm to be used on sensitive information. In terms of what this implies for you as a user, it means that your connection will be secure and that it will be difficult for anybody to readily check up on your online activity.


When it comes to keeping your connection secure, TunnelBear employs industry-standard encryption techniques Even when calling its security measures, VigilantBear is its kill switch. Its primary duty is to safeguard your privacy when the connection between your device and the VPN server is interrupted. VigilantBear then suspends your internet connection while it awaits a response from the VPN server. If it does, data is permitted to transit, allowing you to resume your previous activities. This function safeguards you from an unwanted IP address or location disclosure.

This functionality is currently only available in Windows, macOS, and Android applications. The iOS version lacks it, so keep that in mind if you intend to use TunnelBear on your iPhone or iPad.


You won’t have to worry about anything with this feature. Ads, Flash scripts, pixel tracking, microphone access, social media buttons, and WebRTC are all blocked by this feature. Additional blocklists containing known Malware URLs can also be included. This is a useful feature if you’re using a VPN and are concerned about WebRTC leaks ( basically the leakage of your IP address via the browser’s WebRTC function).


Turn on the GhostBear toggle in Settings to enable the function. Tunnelbear VPN uses encrypted GhostBear servers that utilize powerful algorithms to disguise your traffic as non-VPN data. It allows you to bypass restrictions and have unfettered internet access. Unfortunately, it is not accessible to iOS users.

Customer service

Despite the fact that Tunnelbear VPN customer service is based in Canada, you can expect a response in less than three hours. Given TunnelBear’s lack of live chat service, this is rather amazing to acknowledge. The only choices are support tickets which are answered through email or their knowledge base.


  1. The setup is simple: 

TunnelBear, like other VPN services, is simple to set up. You only need to give an email address and a password to get started. By default, you may begin using the free plan, and an installer will be downloaded immediately. When you log in, you’ll see a map of the world with VPN server locations highlighted. Simply pick one spot to enable VPN protection

  1. Design:

 In order to make its VPN interface less complicated and scary for new customers, TunnelBear includes a humorous motif. It also works. Other reliable VPN providers’ security methods might be challenging to understand, but not with TunnelBear. The navigation is simple and easy to understand thanks to the light yet clear style.

  1. TunnelBear VPN add-ons for browsers 

The TunnelBear browser plugin is an easy-to-use encrypted proxy that you can manage from the browser window. This is intended for those who wish to utilize the VPN in their browser. Browser add-ons from TunnelBear are available for Chrome Firefox Opera Secure.,

  1. Third-party audit: 

For Windows, Mac OS, and Android, TunnelBear provides strong data encryption utilizing the 256-bit AES OpenVPN protocol. Also compatible with iOS and Windows is the IKEv2 protocol. IKEv2 and OpenVPN are both dependable and safe VPN protocols. Both are good and bad. Although OpenVPN is open source, it uses a third-party client and uses more CPU power. IKEv2 uses less CPU and may be used natively on a variety of devices.

  1. Free Plan: 

The free VPN subscription offered by TunnelBear is an additional perk. You are, however, only permitted 500 MB of data. The TunnelBear VPN software displays the remaining data in the bottom-right corner. While the 500 MB could assist certain people in getting a feel for TunnelBear.

  1. Leal Protection: 

TunnelBear provides a simple leak protection feature known as VigilantBear. This function, which can be engaged from inside the VPN program, works as a kill switch to prevent traffic when there is no active VPN connection.

  1. Logs: 

Other VPNs require you to save your internet activity, while TunnelBear doesn’t. Its headquarters are in Canada, a country without data retention regulations. The supplier also has less motivation to follow your activity because it doesn’t provide advertising. In fact, avoid using VPN services that have advertising


  1. Slow Speed: 

TunnelBear doesn’t support WireGuard. TunnelBear does not support the WireGuard VPN protocol as of the time of this review. This is a relatively new protocol that offers much faster speeds as well as improved security and encryption over previous protocols. WireGuard typically outperforms OpenVPN in terms of speed.

  1. Few Servers: 

The fact that TunnelBear’s server network is so tiny is another disadvantage. There are only 23 server locations available at the time of this TunnelBear review. This issue stands out, especially if you want a VPN with many server locations for the USA or Canada.


Three Plans are provided by Tunnel Bear. The three major price types for TunnelBear are Free, Unlimited, and Teams. Naturally, the Free plan is for you if you’re seeking a cost-effective choice. The Teams plan is only available to corporate customers, whereas Unlimited is the best option if you only require a basic membership. The available price choices are quite simple.

  1. FREE PLAN: 

Despite being really free, this edition has a few significant limitations. Yes, you may connect to any of the 26 nations that you select. The issue is that your monthly limit is only 500 MB. In other words, it’s a free trial that has a data use cap rather than a time limit cap.


The monthly data cap is removed from their Unlimited plan, this plan comes with an unlimited secure browsing feature as well, and five more devices can connect at once. And you get priority customer service as well. This implies that you can install TunnelBear on five different devices and utilize them all at once. The unlimited plan is best for families or small groups of friends. Additionally, you have a choice between several membership options, with steeper reductions for longer terms. The cost of TunnelBear for one month is $3.33.


One unique aspect of the Teams edition is that you may test it out for seven days without paying anything. This option has a different account management dashboard from the Unlimited plan. You may add users, examine bills, and even earn credit refunds for the remaining subscription time by removing unnecessary users from it and five more devices can connect at once. This plan normally costs around $5.75  per month.


  1. How is my data secured with TunnelBear?

Your internet connection is encrypted by TunnelBear to protect your online privacy on any network. Simply open the TunnelBear app, choose a nation, and turn it on. Once you’re connected, TunnelBear will discreetly protect your data in the background.

  1. Can I use TunnelBear if I reside outside of the United States?

While TunnelBear should be accessible from any location with an internet connection, certain networks could be more restricted than others and prevent you from connecting to the VPN. You could be able to use TunnelBear even if you are in a nation with restricted internet.

  1. If TunnelBear won’t install, what should I do?

While installing TunnelBear, you may always temporarily disable third-party apps; once set up, allow them again. Please contact our helpful Support Bears so they can help you further if you’re still having trouble installing TunnelBear.

  1. Is TunnelBear compatible with routers?

Due to the fact they do not accept manual VPN connection settings, TunnelBear does not presently support routers. On one of the supported platforms or devices, the connection must be established from within the TunnelBear program or browser extension.

  1. How many connections can I make?

Five simultaneous connections to the TunnelBear network are permitted per the TunnelBear account. As a result, you may have up to five devices actively connected to TunnelBear at any given moment. Computers, mobile devices, and browser extensions could all be involved in this.


The VPN service TunnelBear is reliable. It has a colorful theme, and strong security measures, and unblocks the majority of streaming services including Netflix, DAZN, and Youtube. TunnelBear is simple, inexpensive, and simple to operate. On an individual level, we can tell that it’s quite well-liked for video streaming or e-commerce transactions. This VPN does the job even for a small firm that wants to safeguard the information of its management and important employees. The terrible thing is that only their memberships for the longest periods of time are more reasonable, while their free version isn’t worthwhile. At least not with the 500 MB limit in place today. The VPN’s creators could focus on enhancing its speeds. Additionally, there could be some improvements made to torrenting, since users now encounter throttling. The VPN’s creators could focus on enhancing its speeds. Additionally, there could be some improvements made to torrenting, since users now encounter throttling. But I must say TunnelBear is worth a try!

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