Debutify [The Ultimate Guide]


Debutify has you covered if you lack the technical skills necessary to change a set of software to make your Shopify Store. The Themes are more conversion friendly. You essentially don’t need to edit or write anything because its Shopify Theme already includes all of the built-in functionality to your store by default. Debutify Shopify Themes are appropriate for audiences throughout the world because they are available in more than 20 different languages. The majority of Shopify themes are either premium themes with moderate customizability and certain features or free themes with few features and restricted customization. They provide fully mobile-optimized features, high conversion rates, quick page loading, and deep customizability options. This article will teach you about Debutify and help you get started with its Theme Builder. Add-to-cart animation, age verification, geolocation on demand, cart discount, cart favicon, and cart upsell are some of Debutify’s standout features. The system comes with several add-ons that let businesses do things like display the entire amount of savings in the cart, give free shipping when a certain cart total is achieved, immediately add cross-sells and upsells to the cart, and let customers add items straight from collection sites. Discounts saved, inventory amount, sales countdown, specials, skip the cart, trust badges, upsell bundles, sticky add-to-cart, upsell pop-ups, and other features are among Debutify’s other add-ons. 



This free Shopify theme was created with Shopify stores in mind. It is a very adjustable template that can be altered to reflect the style and color palette of your business. Debutify’s gorgeous, responsive design will have you up and running in no time. You can quickly design a look and feel for any sort of store with Debutify. With Debutify, you will be able to sell more goods than before. Instead of only running an internet company, it also makes you a fantastic salesperson. Without having to pay for the services of additional designers or developers, you may give your business an appealing, professional look.

How does Debutify work?

The following procedures should be followed to install Debutify’s free version:

STEP 1: Visit the Theme Store on Shopify.

STEP 2: In the top right corner of the screen, choose Free themes.

STEP 3: Click Add theme after finding Debutify by scrolling down.

STEP 4: The theme will be installed and enabled for your store instantly when you click the Close button in the top right corner of the window.

Now Debutify has been successfully installed. After installation, you may start customizing your store. Changes to the logo and colors are indeed a good place to start.

You can change your theme’s colors to match your logo on the Theme Settings tab. This is crucial since it will guarantee that all of your pages, not just your homepage, use the same colors. If you’d like, you may also provide a backdrop image. Choose the Logo & Favicon tab next. Your website’s logo, which will be shown at the top of each page, should be uploaded here. A favicon may also be uploaded here.



Online shoppers may quickly peek at the items they’ve put in their basket thanks to this slide-out feature without having to go away from the page or click the cart icon. All items, their prices, quantities, and combined product prices may be seen on the slide-out cart. Additionally, it shows a “view cart” button for a more thorough examination of the items in their shopping cart as well as a checkout button for rapid access to the checkout process.


Product reviews are crucial for winning over your customers’ confidence and persuading them to make a purchase. Debutify includes built-in product reviews that let users submit photographs of the items they’ve bought, post reviews, and rate the products. By doing this, you gain the trust of potential consumers, making it easier for them to do business with you.


Customers want to quickly locate what they need. Customers may simply narrow down their search and locate just what they’re searching for with the help of the product filtering capability. As a result, customers were happier and made more purchases overall.


Numerous Shopify layouts are available, many of which come with ready-made components that will highlight your company. Everything on your site, including the fonts, colors, and layout, may be changed. It’s like getting a professional web designer’s services without needing to pay a fortune for them. To build a distinctive website, you don’t need to be an expert web designer.


With Debutify Premium, you can immediately inform other customers about any active product sales on your website. Many website visitors will leave before purchasing due to a lack of authenticity, trust, and participation. A sales pop-up plug-in can help store owners reduce the amount of newly arrived visitor cart abandonments on their website. Visitors and other customers are informed about the items purchased from the business through current and nicely designed recent sales pop-ups on Debutify Premium, providing them greater confidence when making their first purchases.


For a small monthly fee, you can have exclusive access to a variety of Debutify applications that will assist you in expanding your Shopify business. The benefit of using the extra features over installing individual add-ons is that you can be guaranteed that they will function properly on your website and won’t conflict with the Debutify theme.



The features, applications, and widgets such as Product Recommendations, Featured Products, Testimonials, etc are all automatically installed in your theme when you use Debutify.

  1. Dropshipping Compatibility: 

For increased conversion rates, all Debutify Shopify themes are dropshipping compatible and are utilized by hundreds of prosperous drop shippers worldwide.

  1. Free Lifetime Updates

To keep your business current with the newest features and services, Debutify offers free lifetime updates. It’s essentially the one Shopify theme that replaces all of your Shopify apps and streamlines the creation of new stores to the greatest extent feasible. To help you expand and build your business, Debutify offers a total of 53 distinct applications that have been well-tuned for conversion.

  1. Fast Loading Time:

Debutify tackles the bounce rate problem by providing a Shopify theme with a page loading time of under two seconds. In order to maximize conversion for Shopify Stores, a website must load quickly.

  1. Access through mobile 

Naturally, you can manage your business from a smartphone. You may make the necessary adjustments using the Debutify theme straight from your mobile device. The smartphone experience is equally fantastic because of the user-friendly design.


  1. Bugs: The internet is always changing due to technological advancements. As a result, it’s possible that occasionally certain functionalities won’t behave as you would want. This is particularly true in the context of internet buying.
  1. Pricing: If we compare prices to other er themes, prices provided by Debutify are expensive.


Free starting plan

Free beginning pack for brand-new users, this is a free 14-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card. This bundle is sufficient to establish a store. Basic assistance is given along with 1 shop license.


E-commerce enterprises would benefit greatly from a basic plan with flat pricing that costs roughly $29.00 per month for small business owners wishing to expand their operations. Having a single shop license gives users access to up to 5 add-ons with sophisticated support and one-click integrations


The greatest option for expanding businesses is a pro plan that costs about $79.00 per month and is aimed toward Shopify store owners who want to enhance conversion rates. One shop license with access to up to 30 Add-ons, one-click integration, and expert support are all included in the Pro plan.


The pro-plus plan, which costs about $149 per month, is the most appropriate option for expanding a firm. The three shop license, access to all add-ons, one-click integration, and VIP support are all included in the pro plus package.


How does Debutify’s customer service work?

Many customers had wonderful customer service. The customer care agent was helpful, and they are accessible every day of the week, 24 hours a day. You could occasionally feel conflicted since the customer support system has a human component. Most of the time, the service is first-rate.

Why do you need to select Debutify?

Debutify is without a doubt one of the best free Shopify themes out there. You may expect a considerable boost in your Shopify store and how buyers rank your items, even if you only utilize the free version. It is one of the most user-friendly options on the market, offering a variety of tweaks, appealing animations, and easily customizable designs.

Is Debutify’s pricing plan subject to change?

The Debutify theme is available at three different price levels. Using the Debutify App, subscribers can change their plans at any time. However, you must make the required payments in order to activate your preferred price plan.

What do Debutify add-ons do? 

The Add-Ons are custom Debutify programs designed specifically for Shopify Stores. They are carefully chosen by internal conversion specialists and produced by a group of talented developers. Simple yet effective features called Debutify App add-ons may be included in your store. The Debutify theme has completely included them: doesn’t increase website load time unlike a typical Shopify app and automatically adjusts to the settings and design of your theme.

Is Debutify truly cost-free?

It is insane that despite there being over a million Shopify businesses, there are only five fundamentally free Shopify themes available. The beautiful and free Debutify theme will always be available!

CONCLUSION on Debutify

Debutify is a wonderful Shopify theme for beginners. It accomplishes a lot of things correctly and streamlines the creation of Shopify stores. Debutify is available for free download, making it a wonderful place to start, while the premium edition of Debutify has more capabilitiesDebutify has everything needed to turn its users into industry leaders and trend-setters. It’s interesting how simple the theme is to use. So when developing the platform, the Debutify team kept everyone in mind.  It offers everything your small or medium-sized firm may require to compete on a major-league level. It is also fantastic for large corporations. After all, increasing profits is the goal of business. You only need Debutify for that. There is no need for several applications with specialized functionalities. Even just trying to keep up with all these apps is difficult. However, the final decision regarding whether or not Debutify is appropriate for your shop lies with you. Debutify is a good place to start if you want to accomplish this fast and easily.

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