Placeit Review [The Complete Tutorial]


Placeit is one of a rising number of internet applications, that enable anyone to create professional-looking graphics without any design knowledge or background. Placeit includes hundreds of clothing and digital gadget mockups that may be created in seconds. Placeit is one of the top websites for finding limitless resources for design mockups, templates, demo videos, and much more. It has been in operation since 2013


Contents may be thought of as a universal portal for your e-commerce needs. The product primarily focuses on making the design process as quick and simple for consumers as feasible. As a result, the Placeit team has introduced hundreds of pre-designed themes that customers may customize with a few clicks. For Example: Assume you own a jeans company and need to display those designs in your store. You urgently require jeans mockups for your business, and you must place those jeans on models so that your consumers can see in real, how they will seem when they put it on themselves.

Placeit Top Features

Benefits to startups:

Placeit is beneficial to Startups. Even if you are a startup, Placeit will assist you with everything from the beginning, whether it is establishing a symbol. The only thing required of you will be an effective marketing and promotional efforts, and nothing else. Placeit offers a limitless plan for mockups, flyers, photos, logos, and so forth. An individual will be able to access the complete Placeit. You can’t get much better than that!

Easy Mockups:

Use a simple mockup generator to generate mockups by dragging and dropping designs. Mockups may be created using templates photographed and altered by skilled photographers. Stipulates a wide mockup collection spanning from t-shirts, iPhones, caps, and phone covers to online flyers, business cards, etc. Image cropper, gaming logo builder, YouTube logo generator, musical project logos, and more functions are available. Allows for the creation of avatars, health logo manufacturers,  and so forth.


Each template pattern is simple to use and adapts to any brand. Get your hands on their abilities and complete your tasks faster than expected. Another great feature of Placeit is its stunning templates, the difficult part is choosing which one to use. 

Unique Designs:

Every template provided by placeit is created by a professional and skilled design team. As a result, no matter how much or how little you work on the layout, it will always seem gorgeous, eye-catching, and professional.

Perfect Pixels:

Placeit functions contain pixel perfect. You will be able to obtain the highest resolution media, whether for print or online, using these ways. This is why having a spot will ensure that every image you’re working on is clean.

How to make a logo using Placeit?

Placeit is a wonderful place to start if you need to build a brand mark or logo. This is how it works:

Step 1: First of all begin by conducting a search using your brand name and location

Step 2: Place it will provide template recommendations based on your search.

Step 3: Choose a template that is appropriate for your company, according to what the company is selling, the logo must be aligned to the company’s product.

Step 4: According to your choice the color may be changed to match your style or brand, many color options are available to make the logo exactly the way you want it to be.

Step 5: Choose new icon components from the options and then alter the wording or typefaces according to what aligns with your choice.

Step 6: The last step is to Export and save, and you are all good to go!

Now we’ll show you how to use Placeit’s many features, such as:

  1. Mockup Maker 

 Product mockups, for the uninitiated, are pre-made goods templates onto which you may add your own photographs and designs. Here is how you can make your own. If you’re searching for a tool to create mockups, Placeit is without a doubt the best in the business. They are not only the most technology-driven mockup generator, but they also have the largest template collection and the most competitive pricing in the market. 

  1. Design Templates

Placeit has expanded its mockup technology to include graphic design templates. Placeit offers over 5,700 design templates to pick from. They provide an enormous selection of design templates to consumers, they make it simple for you to pick the perfect one by using search functions and filters.

  1. Video Maker 

Placeit claims that you will get access to hundreds of attractive video templates. You can use their templates exactly as it is or modify them by adding your own text, photos, videos, and other material. Placeit provides these video templates so that even the new video creators can make their brand appear high-quality, fashionable, and as attractive as possible; this is very enticing to clients because creating videos can be a difficult and time-consuming procedure.

  1. Logo Maker

Placeit Unlimited gives you access to over 4,600 customizable logo layouts. Placeit is the perfect place if you want to design a logo. One of the most amazing logo generators on the internet today was created by Placeit. It features some of the most unusual templates and is quick and simple to use.

Placeit Pricing

Placeit pricing won’t burn a hole in your pocket. is not a free service. However, it is also not pricey. If you perform a cost-benefit analysis, you will discover that the value is substantially higher. There are several forms of purchases available nowadays. Paid subscriptions allow customers to download and use anything they want. If all you need is a logo, make one and if you like it, spend simply some amount for a single license to get it without a membership. The package includes a vector logo that can be used for anything from websites and social media to business cards, t-shirts, and banners.
Unlimited Subscription – Unlimited Subscription is $1.97 per month as per official data. Placeit’s mockups, design templates, video templates, and logo creators are all free to use. There are almost 85,000+ designs available on Placeit. There is a 1-month minimum commitment period (if subscribers have downloaded any template), and you can retain your subscription for as long as you like. You may also create and download as many materials such as mockups, movies, and logos as you need. There are fully customizable logos for commercial usage which are made personally by professionals. One amazing feature that Placeit offers is that you can cancel your subscription at any time you want.

The best is that even after canceling your subscription, you get access to to your downloads. Having said that, it is recommended to save your downloads locally before cancellation.

Coupons & discounts

Currently, Unlimited Subscription is the best deal, stay tuned for any sales that may come up. 

Placeit Pros

Placeit is an excellent tool for rapidly and simply creating this sort of material. There are literally hundreds of templates to pick from across all video formats.

  1. Easy to use: Placeit is quite basic and straightforward to use for the majority of people. It may be a valuable resource for eCommerce entrepreneurs with little to no design, art, or specialized expertise since they can generate mockups and films utilizing the thousands of services offered.
  2. No extra skills required: Placeit is very user-friendly and basic. With little to no creative, artistic, or technological expertise, e-commerce retailers may use it as a precious resource to make mockups and films utilizing the hundreds of resources available at Placeit.
  3. Cost Effective: It is a relatively inexpensive and adaptable tool. There is no contract. You pay once and get a tonne of mock-up designs. You don’t have to spend money on models or photoshoots to market T-shirts. Placeit allows you to deliver a real-life view to your visual consumers.
  4. Trendy Tool: Placeit is a trending tool. It adds 600 new tools per week and grows with new popular trends. Placeit does exactly what the name indicates. It instantly inserts the provided picture into the mockup template, resizes it, and allows designers to simply download and share it.

Palceit Cons

  1. Lack of editing tools: Although the tool allows for simple modification, it lacks complex editing tools and the sorts of integrations that experienced web designers may require. Furthermore, it does not support gifs, inventive cropping, or realistic blurring.
  1. Might be costly: Placeit might also be costly if you do not subscribe to their membership plan. Even yet, unless the product is a major part of your business, you should consider if this arrangement is worthwhile. It may be too expensive for individuals who are not premium customers to Placeit’s membership plan. They must pay for each download.
  1. Trademark issues: If you do not pay for the site, mock-ups and designs will have a watermark or trademark problem, making them ineligible for commercial usage. You could have to look for a watermark business solutions fraud.
  1. Less functional UI: Designers are unable to completely edit and personalize all templates. Placeit’s UI is less functional and not fully customizable across all themes. After downloading, you may require an additional tool to redesign.


  1. How Do You Deactivate Your Placeit Account?

If you decide you no longer want to subscribe, you may unsubscribe at any time. To avoid costs for that billing cycle, you must email a cancellation request at least one working day before the billing cycle begins. In other words, you will be charged for a monthly cycle unless your cancellation request is received at least one day before the start of that billing cycle.

  1. What does not Placeit do well?

 While Placeit is simple to use for beginning designers and online store owners wishing to build personalized items, it lacks the pro capabilities that experienced designers search for in other applications, such as integrations, sophisticated editing, and customization. Users also complained about the absence of cropping, realistic blur, color background selection, and gif compatibility.

  1. Why Should Ecommerce Merchants Use Placeit? 

Placeit is an excellent resource for eCommerce merchants since it allows you to quickly design product mockups for branded clothes and other items. Do you require a logo? Choose a template from among thousands to capture the spirit and story of your brand.

Conclusion on Placeit

It is not easy to improve your branding game. To expand your business, you must have a Creative Mindset and select the appropriate tools. Placeit provides a variety of templates, music libraries, filters, and asset labeling options. Overall, this software is useful for creating designs, mockups, photos, videos, and marketing postings. In conclusion, everyone may use Placeit since it is highly convenient, adaptable, and economical. This Placeit review has focused on what Placeit has to offer and how it may help your business and its branding development. It has examined Placeit’s professional services as well as its advantages and disadvantages. With this information, we hope you’ll be able to make a better-educated decision about whether this product is a good fit for your company!

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