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Master Class was launched in 2014 by Aaron Rasmussen and David Rogier and has since successfully served over a million students. It is an e-learning platform where A-list professors from their various disciplines teach you the fundamentals of the topic. In contrast to other online education programmes such as Khan Academy, Udemy, and SkillShare, Masterclass offers in-depth instruction in artistic professions such as dancing and cooking. This platform has grown in popularity due to two major factors. First, because of the excellent level of the professors, this platform is more efficient than any other. In the comfort of your own home, you may study from legends and familiar names. These instructors provide interesting insights, excellent expertise, and helpful hints to assist you in learning the art. And second is amazing Video Quality, the high-quality videos are on par with Hollywood productions. You may binge-watch it like any other series, but you’ll really be acquiring some skills. 



MasterClass learning is incredibly interesting. It publishes new classes on a regular basis where you may learn practical skills and find new hobbies. It runs on an annual subscription basis and provides programmes for individuals, teams, and corporations. Writing, sports, and cooking are among the subjects covered in classes. As of today, the corporation was expanding into politics, economics, and video game design. Many instructors give live demonstrations as writers talk if the content is easily conveyed visually. To access the courses, an annual membership is necessary. Classes are often not interactive, however, at least one course had interactive exercises in which students communicated with one another in person or over Skype. The MasterClass platform is appealing to anybody who is interested in a certain field, such as Adventure Photography or Cooking or anything of your interest. What actually sets MasterClass apart are the famous faces who teach its programmes. MasterClass is a really unusual online learning platform since you can have famous personalities to teach you the subject of your choice. If you learn best from entertaining and bite-sized video courses no more than 10 minutes each, MasterClasses video classes will have you hooked. Its lessons are quite nicely presented and enjoyable to watch.  It is an excellent way to spend your time at home while learning from the finest in the field. Reviews of MasterClass have shown that it has grown in popularity during the COVID-19 epidemic. Many people use MasterClass to acquire new skills from professionals. enables everyone to learn from the best. Learn from over 100 world-renowned professors in music, food, photography, writing, performance, and much more. Watch video classes on your mobile device, desktop, or laptop wherever and anywhere you choose.

How Does MasterClass Works?

MasterClass courses provide instruction through a series of videos ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in length, with some programmes lasting up to an hour. Each session consists of ten to thirty lessons, as well as workbooks, homework, and community service. The teacher has pre-recorded all of the videos.  Each lesson lasts around two to five hours. The information you obtain from these seminars, on the other hand, will endure a lifetime. The instructors and the class framework are lauded in the MasterClass online evaluations. All classes comprise three major components:

What Kinds of Courses Can I Find on MasterClass?

You can find a variety of courses on Master Class such as  Food, Design & Style, Arts & Entertainment, Music, Business, Sports & Gaming, Writing, Science & Tech, Home & Lifestyle, Community & Government, and Wellness are among the 11 areas covered by MasterClass Classes. The masterClass provides over 150 programmes across many categories, with each lesson available for download and viewing offline. Some topic areas have fewer courses than others, such as Science & Technology, which has just four sessions, and Community & Government, which has five. It’s worth noting that some of the classes are double booked, which means they appear in more than one topic area. Food lessons, for example, exist in the Home & Lifestyle category.

Filter System for All Categories

MasterClass is a useful filter system that allows you to select a category and then see all of the classes that fall under that category (e.g. Music) You may then refine your search even more by selecting specific criteria such as ‘Just Added’ or ‘Most Popular.’

Who Is Masterclass Made For?

The MasterClass is suitable for people who want to be creative professionals, such as painters, vocalists, designers, chefs, photographers, and artists. If you already have fundamental abilities, it is also an excellent basis for progressing to the next level. While other e-learning systems emphasize technical abilities, MasterClass provides an appealing atmosphere that emphasizes the aesthetic side. It is for people who want to learn hands-on approaches from professionals in their industries. We discovered the site to be a wonderful way for people to obtain inspiration from industry professionals when conducting research for our MasterClass review.

You may acquire hard skills like digital marketing, business, web design, and programming on other online learning sites. MasterClass allows you to move out of your comfort zone and explore the creative and artistic disciplines with premium video lectures taught by industry experts. MasterClass is not for anyone hoping for a traditional online course or an academic classroom atmosphere. It is more suited to persons seeking a hands-on learning style in which you can control the pace of the lectures.

How to use MasterClass?

Learning how to use MasterClass is a really simple process. You may log in and browse a sizable list of potential online courses after signing up for a subscription or a free trial. Lessons in videos are typically less than half an hour long on most programmes (20 to 25 minutes, in most cases). You have the option to download materials like worksheets to view them offline in addition to watching and learning from your professors. Video courses are often available for viewing at your convenience. Since they are concise and to the point, you won’t ever feel overloaded with data. You can watch most video classes whenever you want. Unlike other platforms, you do not need to commit to spending hours at a time sitting down and focusing on your online classes. You may truly work at your own pace as you move through the series of videos, training courses, and instructions offered by these dedicated trainers.

How Do I Create An Account For MasterClass?

Opening an account with MasterClass is quite easy. A step-by-step process might be helpful to you. All that is required is:

It’s that easy; that’s all there is to it. You are now operational and prepared to explore the MasterClass classes and make use of this fascinating and captivating platform. 



MasterClass offers affordable premium courses from specialists in the field. The All-Access pass also comes with a 30-day refund policy. It also includes help from The Hub, which offers a great chance to network with other students and get insightful feedback on your work. It serves as a collaborative learning environment that invites students to share their opinions and ideas. Since you get access to all classes throughout the year, including newly announced ones, the MasterClass All Access cost is well worthwhile.


Lessons are not overloaded with the knowledge or challenging subjects. Even if you are a novice, you will be able to keep up because they are kept in a very manageable manner. The workbooks are a great way to enhance your educational experience. Additionally, you may view the lectures from your tablet or mobile device via the app. Last but not least, participation in the MasterClass community, which congregates in the online space known as “The Hub,” is a fantastic chance to speak with other course participants and gain knowledge and value from them. The forum gives students the opportunity to share their thoughts and points of view as an additional learning opportunity.

Providing a Broad Range

It is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of amazing individuals who have affected millions of lives and continue to inspire others, even though it is not meant for those who like daily input. A select few fortunate students have, however, heard from their teachers directly. You may also switch between instructors and make playlists depending on your interests for a certain subject. An easy-to-use interface provides two benefits. It first allows you the freedom to chose your own experiences as opposed to being constrained to the teachings of a certain master for a specific talent. Second, it gives everyone the chance to venture into unexplored ground and draw inspiration from a wide range of artists. Because of this, MasterClass truly stands apart in terms of both its mission and the quality of the services it offers.

Superior video quality

Excellent video quality on MasterClass creates a really distinctive learning atmosphere. It has fantastic filming that is entertaining and captivating to watch. The instructional videos are carefully produced, rationally organised, and are aesthetically appealing. They show the personality and lessons of the artist. By watching the sample courses, you may judge the videos’ level for yourself. To give you an idea of what to anticipate, each session includes a two-minute class trailer and even a class sample.


A-List Celebrity Instructors

You can interact with the lecturers more personally because every course is loaded with their own videos. Studying is made more enjoyable since it truly has a one-on-one feel to it. A wide range of other entertaining incidents and encounters give an inside look into celebrities’ life, making them more approachable.

Consumer Assistance

You can get in touch with customer service whenever you have an issue with MasterClass, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are many different strategies you may use. Both a phone number and an email request form are available on the website. Visit the website’s customer care section if you want to learn more about how to take part in the MasterClass partnership programme.

Excellent Production Value

MasterClass has exceptional video production quality. Because of the fantastic filming, editing, and production, it’s a lot of fun to see. You can count on excellent films that are well designed, fascinating, and made with great care. The video lessons are fascinating to watch since they usually reflect the artist’s teachings and personality. You are encouraged to see a few MasterClass trailers to get a feel for what we’re talking about. After watching them, you’ll understand the knowledge and skill that went into designing each course.

Variety of Topics

There are several options for themes, and each category has a number of sessions taught by various academics. The most important thing to keep in mind with MasterClass is that you will always be learning from teachers who can back up what they say with their credentials—in most cases, famous people. There are up to 25 movies in each session, with each video section lasting 20 to 30 minutes. You may now watch a tonne of video material! There are eleven categories in all, including those for literature, film, and television as well as music and amusement. Additionally, new videos are consistently uploaded.

Designed Course Structure

Each session is broken up into a series of lessons that, depending on the subject, might last anywhere from five minutes to an hour. You may make use of a range of extra resources while watching a course on MasterClass. Since there are no tests or other requirements for proficiency before moving on to new videos or course segments, some people have compared taking a class at MasterClass to binge-watching Netflix. However, MasterClass provides much more than just a simple video streaming service. To truly become an expert in whatever it is you’re trying to learn, you’ll be able to access additional reading resources, log your notes for each video, and even get course notes that highlight key themes from each video. A PDF workbook and ten to thirty lessons are included in each session. The workbook and lessons are available for use whenever you choose.

Assistance from the Community

Access to a variety of community resources is another well-liked feature of MasterClass. You may take part in the discussions, present your work, and form connections with other students. There are several e-learning platforms where you won’t find this.


No communication with teachers is present.

According to MasterClass reviews, the instructors’ lack of connection to the students is another significant issue. Even though it is reasonable that these celebrities cannot provide individualized feedback to every student, feedback is still a crucial part of the learning process. There is just one way to the classes. There are assignments and worksheets that summarise the concepts covered in the lessons. You have no idea how well or poorly you performed, though, because nobody marks the job.

Low Level of Community Engagement

MasterClass values social contact and is aware of the challenges presented by online learning. The Hub is a MasterClass community created to promote student interaction, question-asking, work submission for review, and general class discussion. However, in none of the sessions has there been much contact amongst the students. The lack of social interaction among students may deter some from speaking up. Additionally, there is a chance to communicate with the instructors, albeit this opportunity has become less likely as a result of the sharp rise in MasterClass enrollment over the past few months.

Pre-Recorded Modules of a Course

To be clear, if you want to learn from a real-life instructor, MasterClass is not for you. Unfortunately, as pre-recorded lessons make up the majority of e-learning platforms, they will most certainly fall short of your requirements if that’s what you’re searching for. No one-on-one training, coaching seminars, or question-and-answer sessions will be available to you. There is no relationship with the instructor directly.

No free trial is available.

Even though MasterClass subscriptions are inexpensive, there is no free trial available to help you decide if the MasterClass cost is justified. This might be a drawback, particularly because the majority of e-learning platforms provide free trial programmes to help you decide whether their courses are appropriate for you.

The Courses Lack Accreditation

The fact that you cannot use the course certifications to help you get into college is another drawback of using MasterClass. Like online college courses, these are not accredited. They can’t take the place of college-level courses. They are not backed by any kind of authority or accreditation, even if you might be able to use them on your resume in some circumstances to help you land a job.


MasterClass offers more reasonable three-tier MasterClass pricing structure for their annual subscription: 

Individual – 1295 INR annually 

Duo: INR 1725 annually 

Family: INR 1985 annually 

Individual Plan 

All-access individual memberships are the best option for single people who prefer to take online courses at home. You can still access all 150+ systems with individual plans and watch them on your computer, TV, phone, or tablet. The only restriction is that courses cannot be downloaded for offline viewing or viewed online.

Family and Duo Plans 

Couples will benefit greatly from the Duo and Family subscriptions because MasterClass permits viewing on many devices at once. With one exception, the annual membership fees for the Duo and Family are practically equal. The Duo and Family MasterClass subscriptions, in contrast to the Individual plan, permit users to download courses for simultaneous offline viewing and streaming on up to two devices for Duo and six devices for Family. People who want to watch MasterClass on their way to work without using up all of their data can benefit from the opportunity to download video courses and watch them later.


Can I use masterclass courses for business?

Like the majority of other online learning platforms, MasterClass includes programmes for teams and corporations or MasterClass At Work as it is more generally referred as. By contacting sales to determine the best strategy for your company, you may invest in your group or business.

How do I return a masterclass gift or purchase?

ID for the transaction (located on your MasterClass receipt). They also require the email address linked to your PayPal account if you paid for the class using PayPal. Contact them by phone at 1 (855) 981-8208. Gifts: If the receiver has not yet redeemed a gift, you may cancel it

How to Manage your annual subscription plan?

In your account settings, you may adjust your membership plan whenever you want. Please do the actions listed below to modify your plan.

How to manage the renewal of your membership?

You may change your account settings at any moment to stop the auto renewal. You may cancel your automatic renewal by clicking the “Cancel” button located under the Membership portion of the website. Once you’ve finished these steps, your account won’t renew when your current membership period comes to an end.

How to access your classes on Masterclass? 

Go to

Conclusion of MasterClass

For those who want to switch up their educational experience, Master Class is advised. MasterClass is a smart purchase. It offers lecturers from the industry and top-notch producing videos. It is one of the top marketplaces for online education. Because of the production and visual quality, it’s a delight to see. It also depends on the experience and educational path you wish to take. If you prefer independent study and creativity, masterClass is the perfect option for you. Many MasterClass students praise the programmes’ ability to accommodate students who learn at their own speed in their reviews. If you want to use your time productively, it’s a great Netflix substitute. Like binge-watching Netflix episodes, it’s simple to finish the full course in one sitting. However, MasterClass might not be for you if you enjoy interacting with your instructors or fellow students while you are studying. There have been several MasterClass course evaluations that suggest you don’t learn any employable practical skills. Aside from that, it would be difficult to find a better offer. The lessons are instructive, inspiring, and frequently enjoyable. MasterClass is a fantastic choice if you want to learn new things on the weekends or when you have spare time at home. It is a fantastic chance to get knowledge from some of the most esteemed people in the world just at the comfort of your home!

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