IPVanish [The Comprehensive Review]


You cannot afford to take incognito browsing for granted. There is a strong probability that someone or something is following you every time you use the internet. The majority of businesses continuously track your data, while some others monitor your traffic to observe which websites you visit in order to gather information about your interests and sell it to marketers. Because the IP sector is so competitive, every VPN makes promises about how it is the best. Split tunneling, strong security, multiplatform compatibility, and speedy setup are all qualities of IPVanish. With millions of customers worldwide, IPVanish is frequently rated as one of the top services. Despite being one of the most costly VPNs, it has received several honors, including the 2016 Silver Award for Startup of the Year from the Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards, and rankings as the Best VPN by PC Magazine and Lifehacker AU in 2017.



Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are now a need. You must get one if you wish to protect the privacy of your data and prevent tracking. It enables you to use the internet to browse without putting your location or the websites you visit in jeopardy. You can also get around geo-blocks with it. For regular internet use, IPVanish offers a secure setup. All of your online activity like web surfing, video streaming, chatting, file sharing, etc. flows through the encrypted tunnel as soon as you establish a VPN connection, and your IP address is hidden. When data leaves your device, including data on your device and the contents of your internet traffic, IPVanish VPN creates an encrypted connection using a tunneling technique. No matter where they are situated, anybody can access a private network and browse the internet anonymously thanks to IPVanish’s network of 40,000+ IPs over 2,000+ VPN servers in 75+ countries. For more than eight years, IPVanish has offered customers dependable VPN service, and it is dedicated to treating customers well. With round-the-clock customer service through phone, email, and live chat, a team member is always on hand to provide information or offer assistance.


Check out the complete Windows user manual to discover how to operate our software and benefit from all of its wonderful features: 

STEP 1: Using your preferred browser, go to https://www.ipvanish.com/ and choose Apps > Windows > Get Windows App

STEP 2: For the file to start, double-click on it.

STEP 3: Select a place for the application files to be installed. The default selection is adequate in most circumstances. Users who have external drives plugged in, however, should make sure the destination directory is located on the internal disc. Click Change and make your selections appropriately if you’d rather save the files somewhere else. Choose “Install” from the options.

STEP 4: From the pop-up box, click Yes.

STEP 5: Select Yes from the pop-up menu after clicking the Run button.

STEP 6: Your IPVanish will open once you select Run, and you may log in as indicated below. Click the login button after entering your IPVanish login information.

STEP 7: Click Connect on your IPVanish home screen to connect, and you will automatically be connected to the quickest available location to begin safeguarding your internet connection and privacy.

STEP 8: By pressing the down arrow in the upper left corner after connecting, you may monitor the state of your IPVanish connection. A status pane displaying your connection details, such as your Public IP Address, Time Connected, Server name, and Protocol, will show once you click the down arrow. 

STEP 9: Click the blue Disconnect button in the top right corner of your IPVanish app window to disconnect from IPVanish.


Three plans are offered by IP Vanish 

  1. MONTHLY PLAN: Monthly plan costs you around $10.99 per month.
  2. QUARTERLY PLAN: Quarterly plan costs around $5.32 per month for the first three months and then billed at $15.96 first quarter and & 29.

99 each quarter afterward.

  1. YEARLY PLAN: Yearly plan costs around $3.99 per month for a period of one year and then will be billed at $47.89 the first year and $89.99 each year afterward. 

IPVanish Top Features


Your personal information is continually being collected by third parties, including Wi-Fi snoopers, advertising, network owners, and ISPs. However, an IP Vanish VPN encrypts your connection to any network, making it impossible for anybody else to monitor your online activity. IP Vanish also alters your IP address, increasing your anonymity and granting you more control over where you are located online.

  1. 24/7 assistance

The support staff of professionals is available by live chat, email, and phone 24/7/365 if you ever need help. For all of your VPN needs, they also maintain a knowledge resource with FAQs and lessons.

  1. Browse the web securely

With the use of encryption standards, you can protect your internet traffic from snoopers, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, advertising, and more. Any network connection is safe when using an IPVanish VPN connection to protect your private communications.

  1. Quick surfing 

Make use of a VPN’s many advantages without losing speed. WireGuard® VPN protocol has made our VPN service, which was designed to offer the quickest connections possible, even quicker than before.

  1. No logs 

They care deeply about privacy at IPVanish. As a result, when you use our VPN service, they never monitor or track your behavior. Its no-logs policy, which has been independently confirmed, assures that your VPN applications never record internet activity. No one, not even IPVanish, will be able to see your online behavior while the VPN is active.

  1. Money-back guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with IPVanish and seek a refund within 30 days of purchase, we will gladly reimburse your cash.

IPVanish Pros

  1. Support for WireGuard

IP Vanish just introduced WireGuard VPN protocol support to its network. This is a significant advancement since the WireGuard VPN protocol is quicker and more secure than previous VPN technologies.

  1. Excellent for torrenting

When you combine IPVanish’s aforesaid qualities, you get a VPN that is suitable for torrenting. When looking for the best VPN for torrenting, one of the most crucial elements to consider is its capacity to secure your privacy. It must be able to defend you specifically against hostile forces attempting to capture the real IP addresses of users downloading stuff.

  1. Connections

There is no restriction on the number of concurrent connections.

This is one of IPVanish VPN’s greatest features. Most VPN providers limit the number of devices that may utilize the VPN connection at the same time. Typically, this limit is 5 or 6 concurrent connections.

  1. Excellent Availability

IPVanish claims to run over 1,000 servers in a network that has expanded to reach over 60 countries worldwide. Of course, it mostly serves Europe and North America, with 443 servers in the former and 561 in the latter. While this leaves Asia and the rest of the world with only a few options, the coverage is enough.

  1. Kill Switch

The Kill Switch is functional! Most VPNs feature Kill Switch, which is meant to disconnect your Internet connection if your connection to the VPN server is ever lost for any reason. Others work, some don’t, but I’m pleased to announce that the IPVanish Kill Switch is functional. It may be slow at first, but once it kicks in, everything simply refuses to connect.

  1. Safe media access

Keeps your media consumption secret, and always have safe access to the services and websites you rely on. Enjoy the World Wide Web as you like, with the added benefit of security.

IPVanish Cons

  1. Inadequately optimized servers:

When I first installed the VPN client on my system. While examining several options, I discovered that IPVanish gives server Ping abnormally high importance and ranks servers in accordance with that. Other than that, you’re forced to go with whatever the app suggests.

  1. Privacy Concerns

Despite its very public no-Log policy, IPVanish has received harsh criticism for its prior lack of resolve in defying law enforcement. Even more troubling is the claim that they provided information that wasn’t meant to be available.


  1. How can I begin using IPVanish on Windows?

Downloading and installing IPVanish for Windows is the first step in using IPVanish for Windows. You will be prepared to make your first connection to our VPN servers after you have successfully installed IPVanish for Windows on your computer.

  1. Is IPVanish genuine and safe?

Your IP address and other user data are not logged or stored by IPVanish, a reliable VPN service. It keeps absolutely no logs. Since they own their servers rather than renting them, they are a tier-1 VPN provider. You may use the PC download for IPVanish to browse the web securely and affordably.

  1. How many different gadgets can I use with IPVanish?

For most smartphones, IPVanish offers a comprehensive selection of applications. For Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick, there are apps available. As a result, you may use one account on up to 7 devices simultaneously.

  1. Is IPVanish functional in China?

Despite the fact that IPVanish uses concealment technologies to bypass internet restrictions, all the reports we have seen indicate that they are unable to bypass China’s Great Firewall. Although they haven’t visited China to personally verify this, our research indicates that the IPVanish VPN is inoperable there.

  1. Do static IP addresses come with IPVanish?

VPNs frequently employ dynamic IP addresses. In some circumstances, having a static IP address is beneficial. Sadly, IPVanish does not provide this feature


Overall, IPVanish has improved greatly over the past year, adding WireGuard support, better speeds, a no-logs audit, and new VPN applications. There are undoubtedly benefits to this VPN provider. For instance, it employs the OpenVPN protocol, has a respectable speed range, and has a fair selection of servers. Additionally, the introductory price for the first year is not too expensive. It does, however, have several shortcomings that, in our opinion, make it a less suitable option than other well-known VPN companies. For instance, after the first year, the price climbs significantly. Their content unblocking is also far from being as sophisticated as that of other providers. Additionally, several consumers have questioned how comprehensible IPVanish’s complex privacy policy is. Overall, IPVanish could be an acceptable VPN option for anyone with a lot of devices. They have an infinite connection function. Additionally, if a user only needs a VPN for security purposes and is not as concerned with connecting unblocking or other non-VPN functions, it could be a good option.

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