HubSpot Review: Incredible Features, Pricing, and Top Benefits of Using this CRM

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Well, once in your life, you have probably taken the help of different websites for marketing strategies. Marketing is one of the most important criteria of an online business. Customers are solutions for our different problems. We require valuable content that can easily align with the needs of our business’s targeted customers. 

Websites like HubSpot help us in providing greater solutions for such issues. You may have definitely heard about HubSpot. If not, or to know more about HubSpot and its merits refer to the following article. 



HubSpot is a well-known platform. It is a company that sells software specially designed for inbound marketing. The company was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. They both launched HubSpot at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and also coined the term “inbound marketing”. Their goal was to make marketing personal so that it attracts more customers. 

The American developer, HubSpot aims to provide tools such as social media marketing, content management, customer relationship management, customer support, web analytics, live chat, etc. 

Before knowing more about HubSpot and its features, let us review Inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is the dynamic process of helping potential customers for a company. It is the form of marketing that helps customers to find a company through brand awareness. Inbound marketing uses the following important points to attract a group of customers: 

HubSpot company helps us through the process of Inbound marketing. It increases brand preference. This results in increased leads and revenue for the company.

History of HubSpot 

After its establishment in 2006, the company grew from $2,55,000 to $15.6 million in only three years. Later, Hubspot personalized websites for each customer by introducing new software. Initially, the company started targeting small companies, but it wasn’t late when it moved to serve larger businesses. 

In 2017, it also acquired Kemvi, which helped sales teams by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning. This led to $1 Billion in revenue in 2021 for the company. In the same year, the company announced Yamini Rangan as the CEO and Brian Halligan became the executive chairman.

The company is a reputed platform that has many different merits. Continue reading to know the features, merits, and demerits of Hubspot company. 

HubSpot Review: Top Features of HubSpot

1. Customer Relationship Management

HubSpot CRM is an independent tool. However, it helps in the functionality of many marketing hub functions. The CRM is free and is the brain behind HubSpot. Users of HubSpot’s CRM have access to data on contact behavior. These objects include contacts, businesses, offers, tickets, and all other relevant information.

Team members can collaborate with other teams using the CRM. Simultaneously when the CRM is paired with the Marketing Hub, it makes better decisions about its leads, prospects, and customers.

2. Landing Pages 

Landing pages are a very important part of marketing strategy. Hubspot provides with Hub landing page tool, which helps marketers to choose the design for their own templates or allows users to use their pre-designed ones. 

A person does not need any coding or designing experience for moving modules, one can simply use drag and drop editor.

3. List Segmentation 

In HubSpot, one can make lists, which are collections of contacts in your database. These contacts can be grouped, based on a wide range of criteria, including page views, lead score, email interactions, several interactions, form fills, most recent activity, or any other property that you save on your contact records.

HubSpot also allows one to group individuals for marketing or even sales efforts. Together, this all-in-one marketing and sales software, in Hubspot increases the growth of the business.

4. Email 

An email automation platform plays important role in online business. Hubspot’s email automation feature allows its users to send bulk personalized emails. One can also use the tool to test emails across different clients.  

There is a drag-and-drop editor option that enables marketers to adjust templates and send them directly to clients without needing to loop in the developer. Hubspot’s email is a user-friendly platform, that enables reporting tools that help you analyze metrics. 

5. Workflows 

Workflows in HubSpot are used to automate processes like email sending, list creation, and property filling. This is accomplished by choosing particular standards or regulations that set off the necessary action.

HubSpot workflows can be used to accomplish many things. Below are some of the critical areas for marketers:

6. Paid Ad Tracking 

HubSpot’s ad integration helps online marketers to analyze the performance of their different platforms. Like; Linkedin, Google Ads, or Facebook. 

The tool doesn’t replace the Google Analytics account for managing the ads entirely. But it makes performance metrics every day, maintenance, and attribution easier and more digestible for new customers. Hubspot paid ad tracking increases the visibility of what is actually driving conversions and provides ad statistics and attribution to all of your employees.

7. Management and Social Media

HubSpot social media scheduling tool integrates LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Which allows users to connect to different accounts on different platforms. Posts via Hubspot social media integration allow posts to be drafted, edited, and scheduled at the right time.

Social media tools have restrictions on analytics, tracking, and in-app capabilities. Nonetheless, the ability to schedule and post from within HubSpot is a significant bonus for marketers. This helps them in management and with social media integration. 

8. Dashboards 

Reporting is another key function of a marketing team. Marketers use different platforms to report on their marketing interactions and various other important actions.  Hubspot allows you to do reporting on the same platform.

Hubspot users can email those dashboards to one another, or change them to choose different dates. Alongside, one can even keep them private to restrict access. Dashboards make it simple to access and consult customers and data.  

Merits of HubSpot

  1. CRM is free of cost: Many other CRM tools can charge marketers and that too per user. This adds a lot if you have a bigger platform. 
  2. Live Chat: Hubspot allows users to chat on their website. This live chat box improves the customer experience for online visitors. 
  3. Insights: CRM tracks how customers interact with your company. Information can be deduced and it saves a lot of time for marketers. 
  4. Customizable: Hubspot customizes your platform with the help of CRM. It matches the needs of the brand and internal workflows. 

Demerits of HubSpot

  1. Lightweight: Big businesses which have large sales teams find CRM limited.
  2. Not flexible: A business with complex sales processes will not find CRM useful.
  3. Reporting: The reporting by Hubspot is very limited. Some areas do require a piece of depth information. 

Once, you know the merits and demerits of the company. Let us look at the various steps of using Hubspot.

How to Start Working with HubSpot?

  1. Create your account

There are different ways through which one can create a Hubspot account. You can either sign up using your Google credentials or your Apple ID. Once, your account is created, you will be logged in to Hubspot. 

  1. Invite your members

Now, invite your team to the account. Once invited to start collaboration in Hubspot, they can log in and set up their own profile and personal details. 

  1. Customize settings

There are different types of settings on Hubspot. Some settings apply only to individuals, while some are account-wide and affect all the different users. Customizing account default settings include account time zone, currency, language, and security. One can even enable the GDPR-related features while customizing the settings. 

  1. Connect different apps to your account

One can integrate tools that they need for their business with a Hubspot account. There are different integration options that are available with Hubspot. with the Hubspot account, one can connect to any app. 

  1. Manage your Hubspot subscription 

One can easily manage their current subscription from the Account & Billing section of their Hubspot account. 

  1. Join the HubSpot Community

Join the HubSpot Community to interact with other users. Get greater use out of your HubSpot resources. One can even learn how to troubleshoot problems and obtain professional tips and assistance. You may see examples from your peers, and can even provide feedback to the Product team.

HubSpot Pricing 

There are three plans for HubSpot. 

  1. Starter plan

This starts at $50 per month. There are 1000 marketing contacts included in the package. On the other hand, your non-marketing contacts are free. Together, you may have 15 million overall contacts, including marketing and non-marketing contacts. Payment should be made monthly, and on the below-mentioned points:

  1. Professional plan

 This subscription starts at $890 per month. This requires onboarding for a one-time fee of $3k. You may include 2k marketing contacts and all your non-marketing contacts are free. But remember, 15 million over contacts is for a professional plan too.  Payment should be done monthly and remember the following points:

  1. Enterprise

 The plan starts at $200 per month. Onboarding is required for a one-time fee of $6000. You may have 10,000 marketing contacts and all non-marketing friends. You will enjoy over 15 million contacts.

FAQs HubSpot CRM Review

  1. What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is a marketer of software that helps us through the process of Inbound marketing. It is an American developer that increases brand preference. Which results in increased leads and revenue for the company.

  1. What is the minimum cost of the Hubspot plan?

There are three plans for a Hubspot company. One can start with a minimum starter plan that cost $50 per month. 

  1. Who is the CEO of Hubspot?

As of 2022, Yamini Rangan is the CEO of Hubspot. 

  1. Will I get CRM in every subscription?

Yes, CRM is available in all three types of packages. 

  1. Are there different types of CRM?

Yes, there are three different types of CRM. Operational, analytical, and collaborator. 

HubSpot Review Conclusion

Hubspot is a growing company that has eventually helped a lot of companies. Hubspot has improved the different strategies of Inbound marketing and has an efficient budget plan. The company has increased its area of operation and today has 11 global offices, more than 1090 integrations, and 1,43,000 customers. 

Hubspot makes it easy for the company to work together and work towards a single goal from marketing to customer services. Hubspot has been a powerful platform that has efficiently saved a lot of time for people. 

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