Hostgator Review: Everything You Need To Know About This Web Hosting Provider


HostGator is a well-known web hosting company. It provides Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting. HostGator also offers domain name registration. So, in essence, HostGator is a web hosting provider that may assist you in creating a website or blog.



Brent Oxley created HostGator in 2002. It has offices in Houston and Austin, Texas. Endurance International Group purchased it in 2012. They have also received several honors for their exceptional services, including Best Web Hosting, Editor’s Choice Web Host, and 21st Fastest Growing Company.

Hostgator is a web hosting company that offers services for hosting websites and blogs online, and it is also used to buy domain names. A website or blog requires two things: web hosting and a domain name for your website or blog to be visible on the internet. HostGator is one of the most reputable companies in today’s competitive web hosting industry. It began as a small-scale firm in 2002 and has since grown to serve over 4,00,000 and above consumers from over 200 plus countries across the world.

Hostgator Top Features

Money Back Guarantee:

There is no danger in working with Hostgator because you may cancel HostGator goods such as hosting and website builder after 45 days. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you will receive a refund. While almost every web hosting service gives a 30-day money-back guarantee, HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee since client happiness is their top priority.


HostGator is completely safe and legitimate, as evidenced by the continual increase in the number of its users. The web host serves over 9 million domains through its 12,000 servers and 850 full-time staff. Furthermore, it routinely ranks first on numerous web hosting review sites in terms of the number of good ratings.

Good web host:

It’s commendable about the way HostGator’s been serving its customers for the past many years with 99% uptime, a simple and user-friendly interface, an easy website builder, a wide range of CMS, and other applications. Most importantly, the host offers various plans to meet the different purposes for which the customers may need in the hosting, and that too at a very reasonable price. Besides, things like domain registration, Domain transfer, and Domain Forwarding make things exceptionally convenient for the customers.

Free Migration:

HostGator provides a free migration service with all new accounts. During the first 30 days following registering, their team of specialists will move your site from the prior host at no additional cost.

24/7 Assistance:

Apart from uptime and performance, this is an important issue to consider when selecting a hosting service. Hostgator provides live customer assistance by chat and phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also provide local assistance through phone and chat.

Billing Cycles:

Billing cycles are flexible, you can select between monthly and yearly billing cycles. Longer billing periods will provide you with the greatest savings.

How to get started with Hostgator?

Here are the steps which are followed while setting up a site on Hostgator:

Step 1: Visit

Click on the Get Started button.

Step 2: Select a plan

Step 3: Establish a Domain and Select a Web Hosting Plan

You either have to buy and register a new domain with HostGator or transfer an existing site. This guide will discuss how to set up a new domain, however, the instruction for moving an existing site to HostGator also. You will either have to register a new domain with HostGator or claim an existing domain.

You will be required to confirm the package type of the hosting plan. Enter your billing cycle next and keep in mind that HostGator auto-renews, so you need to cancel your account previous to the new billing cycle. Finally, you’ll pick and step up the username.

Step 4: Fill Out Your Billing Information

This is a simple step in which you will input the information required to process the payment.

Step 5: Include Extra Services

Each subscription includes the ability to add extra services to your subscription. Continue with the ones you choose or require.

Step 6: Examine the Order, Checkout, and, Terms and Conditions

You will continue to set up your account by following these instructions. Here are the finest resources for the chores you’ll need to accomplish to go online and finalize setups. In the future, you should log in to your HostGator account here.

Hostgator Pricing 

HostGator is a low-cost hosting provider, providing shared hosting beginning at $ 2.75 per month. Other solutions are also reasonably priced. WordPress hosting costs $ 5.95 per month, while VPS hosting costs $ 19.95 per month. However, these are introductory pricing that will rise following renewal. Because HostGator is an EIG brand, you’ll see that they offer several plans 

Let’s look at the features of each plan:

If you select the lowest plan, there will be no further payments for the first year because a domain name is already included.

Hostgator Pros 

  1. Activation Costs: There are no hosting activation costs. This is one of the nicest advantages of HostGator; unlike another web hosting, when you pay each month, you’ll just be charged roughly $10, which is amazing. Other web hosts charge $30 or more only to allow you to pay monthly, and they always add extra fees; thankfully, this is not the case with HostGator.
  2. Trial Period: HostGator offers a one-month free trial. If you are unsure about web hosting, using the service for one month will be really beneficial. HostGator has a one-month trial hosting account for $0.01, which is a great method to learn more about the tools and cPanel.
  3. SSL: Not all website hosting companies give a free high-quality SSL for your blog. HostGator provides Comodo SSL for all users and their hosted domains, so there is no need for the user to be concerned about encryption between the website and the web browser.
  4. Themes & Layouts: There are several themes and site layouts available. HostGator is one of the top static web hosting providers, offering a drag-and-drop construction tool. The site builder includes hundreds of pre-made designs and layouts that are well-optimized.
  5. Excellent client service: The organization has the means to engage hundreds of customer service engineers, which they accomplish without difficulty. You may contact their support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance with any web hosting issues. If your situation is urgent, use phone support for faster access.

Hostgator Cons 

  1. Expensive hosting costs: Shared hosting is rather cost-effective, however, the VPS and reseller plans are quite expensive when compared to other firms. HostGator provides adequate RAM and resources, but this does not imply that the rates are too expensive for a tiny website owner. However, if you look at rates, you can find cheaper alternatives to HostGator.
  2. No Daily Backups: This is something that every blog should have, in today’s web hosting and security business, daily backup is a must-have function. However, if you host with HostGator, there is no assurance on backups because they only make one backup each week, and you will not be able to recover the site unless you pay for it. 
  3. Server Downtime:  There are several issues with server response time, and with shared hosting, expect a server response time of more than a second. Furthermore, if you use common tools to check site uptime, you’ll see a lot of Redlines, which reflect the domain’s total downtime.
  4. Huge Email List: HostGator sends out emails on a regular basis to inform clients about the latest discounts and the greatest web hosting packages. That may appear to be a good thing for many, but it isn’t for people who don’t want to view a big list of emails since they don’t access their inbox very often.


  1. Which HostGator plan is the best?

Because the objective of hosting is never the same for everyone, the optimal hosting plan will likewise vary depending on the user. However, the most popular shared hosting plan is the Baby Plan.

  1. What exactly do HostGator unlimited Domains mean?

‘Unlimited domains’ is a feature included with certain of HostGator’s hosting plans, and it implies that you may host as many domains as you like under a single hosting package.

  1. Hostgator is a server or a hosting company?

HostGator is not a server, but it does provide numerous servers such as Shared Servers, Cloud Servers, Reseller Servers, and Dedicated Servers to clients for varied hosting needs. Indeed, HostGator sites are housed on Dual Xeon servers in their Dallas data centers.

  1. Is HostGator a good web host that is worth it?

Hostgator is definitely worth it as HostGator is not a cheap web hosting service, but it does provide high-quality blog and website hosting. In truth, even if there are certain downtimes, like with any other web host, the site loading speed is faster than its competitors, and even better, HostGator provides superior support and more features.

Conclusion on Hostgator

Whether you are searching for a flexible and economical web hosting plan or a replacement for your current one. Hostgator is a superior option because it provides a large selection of web hosting packages as well as a completely customizable website builder. Your very own physical server is provided by their dedicated hosting service. Hope you got an idea of what really Hostgator is!

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