ELEGANT THEMES [The Ultimate Review and Tutorial]


It’s difficult to find high-quality, unique WordPress themes these days. And occasionally, just when you think you’ve discovered one, you discover that the theme club you want to join or the theme framework you want to buy costs hundreds and thousands of dollars which surely doesn’t fit in your budget. But this does not have to be the case. Elegant Themes, a WordPress theme store. They provide a few outstanding premium themes as well as some useful plugins like Monarch and Bloom, which are aimed to assist website owners in creating gorgeous, high-converting websites that create a huge following and a lot of money.



Elegant Themes is a WordPress theme store that comes highly recommended by some of the most knowledgeable WordPress users and professionals. Elegant Themes has developed enormously in the 11 years since its establishment, thanks to Nick Roach, who developed Elegant Themes during his college days. WordPress specialists from over 20 nations collaborate to deliver website owners the greatest WordPress themes and plugins at a reasonable price. Elegant Themes is driven by a team of individuals from all around the world and is centered on the concept of community rather than merely operating as a business. Elegant themes just try to give nothing less than exceptional customer service so that site owners may reach their goals, whatever those might be. Elegant Themes previously provided WordPress site customers with around 87 themes and a handful of plugins. However, in order to give the finest quality product to its clients, Elegant Themes has shrunk and now only provides two paid themes – Divi and Extra – and three powerful plugins – Monarch, Bloom, and Divi Builder – to help you expand your site.









  1. Annual access: Gives you access to hundreds of website packs, including the Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch website packs. Additionally included in this package are product upgrades and top-notch online support with a 30-day risk-free guarantee if you’re not happy with your membership, Elegant Themes will refund your purchase price. You will pay around $89 for this plan per year, which is not a lot considering all the great features it offers.
  2. Unlimited Access: A lifetime subscription has no ongoing fees. One-time purchases always include access to unlimited product updates. You have full access to every product, including Divi, the most popular WordPress theme worldwide. You can create practically any type of website with Divi’s endless, superbly crafted layout packs.  It usually costs about $249, which makes it a decent investment.



An estimated half a million people trust Elegant Themes. Consider the product’s popularity and quality if it is now used by half a million individuals worldwide. Elegant Themes has a lot of popularity and downloads, which consistently meets the needs of its 600k+ active customers.

  1. No Limitation

Once you sign up to become an Elegant Themes member, you are free to use all of their products for as long as you like without any restrictions. Another fantastic development is that you can use this software to create websites for your customers absolutely free.

  1. Customer Service

Out of all the WordPress theme stores, Elegant Themes is one of the top customer support teams. If you run into any technical issues with the themes or plugins when creating your website, you can get in touch with the customer support staff by chat or email, and your problem is solved within minutes!

  1. Safe Seal by Sucuri

Sucuri, the greatest online security firm in the world, does an extensive technical assessment of all of its themes and plugins on a regular basis. to encourage customers to pick their products with complete assurance. They have experienced developers who use secure code while creating, which is the reason.

  1. Elegant Theme Epanel

EPanel is identical to Cpanel in hosting. Without knowing much about how to code, this option will provide you the ability to manage advertisements, optimize your website for search engines, alter the colors, and administer your website.


  1. Learning: Because Divi has so many functions, you need to educate yourself on a variety of topics. Understanding the different structural components, such as sections, rows, and modules, as well as how to use Monarch and Bloom. This process could be difficult at first for folks who are not experienced with site design and marketing.
  2. Loading time: Elegant themes take some time to open up. In the age of short attention spans, website page performance is becoming increasingly important and this is a huge drawback.


  1. Does Elegant Themes provide a refund policy?

Yes! FOR SURE, Elegant Themes provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply get in touch with support, and they’ll refund your money.

  1. What distinguishes the Divi builder from the Divi theme?

The Divi Theme is superior to the other since it comes with the Divi Builder and includes everything you need. Therefore, since the Divi Builder is already included, you don’t need to download anything in addition to the Divi theme. You may use the Divi Builder plugin itself on several themes.

  1. Is the Divi theme SEO-friendly?

YES, Because it produces responsive pages that display nicely on all devices, Divi Builder is advantageous for SEO. You may get step-by-step directions and tools to increase the website traffic on your website thanks to their simple SEO analysis and connection with the Yoast plug-in.

  1. How can I get a refund from Elegant Themes?

Just write an email to support@elegantthemes.com outlining your issue and asking for a refund.

Conclusion on Elegant Themes

As you can see, the greatest WordPress themes for a reasonable price are elegant themes. They are the most affordable premium themes with all the features mentioned previously. You should choose Elegant Themes if you want to improve the user experience for your customers. However, you must determine how crucial the included WordPress themes and plugins are to you and your projects before purchasing a subscription, keeping in mind all the merits and demerits I must say ELEGANT THEMES is worth a try!

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