Elegant Themes [The Detailed Review]


Elegant Themes is one brand you’ll most likely come across if you’re looking for a new WordPress theme. It’s one of the main players in the WordPress ecosystem because of its enormously successful Divi Theme, a few strong plugins, a vibrant user community, and an expanding ecosystem. In its 14 years of business, Elegant Themes has helped more than 800,000 clients. In the process, it expanded from its modest beginnings operating out of founder Nick Roach’s undergraduate apartment to a staff of more than 100 people dispersed across more than 20 nations.



Elegant Themes is used to provide a large collection of WordPress themes. There are just two left now: Divi and Extra. However, consumers aren’t losing out by having fewer themes to pick from because Divi can be used to construct nearly any sort of website using WordPress — mostly because of its enormous library of templates and sophisticated customization tools. Elegant Themes has been able to devote virtually all of its resources to attempting to make Divi the greatest WordPress theme currently on the market since it has fewer themes to maintain and support. When you sign up as a client, you have access to a few plugins from Elegant Themes in addition to the Divi and Extra themes. Two of them are the social sharing plugin Monarch and the email opt-in form tool Bloom. The Divi Builder plugin is a standalone version of the drag-and-drop WordPress website builder that made the Divi theme so well-known.




While Elegant Themes created Divi with the intention of making it the very best theme for every WordPress site, Extra was created with that objective in mind. Any blog author or owner of a magazine-style website should take into account the competitive theme


Elegant Themes has also created a number of premium WordPress plugins that are freely available for download.



  1. RESPONSIVE: A responsive website is essential for user convenience and experience, and this is one of the Elegant Themes’ key selling points. They produced a fantastic solution that was not just responsive but adaptable and stable as well by using CSS media queries and many other new or amazing designed approaches. By doing this, you can be confident that your website will give a wonderful user experience and appear excellent on screens of all sizes and resolutions.
  2. ONLINE LEARNING: They offer blog pieces and video tutorials that show you how to install themes and plugins quickly. In-depth design tutorials, both short and lengthy, are posted on their YouTube channel, where you can learn how to personalize your blog’s look. By following their detailed lessons, you may do the task on your own.
  3. Excellent Customer Support: Elegant Themes offers live chat for all of its clients and has incredibly quick customer service to conduct conversations of the highest caliber. They are a well-trained staff with people that can react to any inquiry, and as of right now, they have addressed 2 million issues.
  4. LAYOUT SECTION: This feature gives you greater control over your comment area for blog articles by allowing you to display and conceal things like the comments section or comments, author name, categories, the date for each blog post, or the whole website.
  5. Loading period: A simple theme is crucial for both reader engagement and search engine rankings. According to a study, 40% of visitors leave a website that takes longer to load. Loading time is just 3 seconds! In Elegant themes.


  1. COMPLEXITY: A complex theme, Divi attempts to do several tasks simultaneously. As a result, it somewhat takes time to open up. Website’s page performance is becoming more and more vital in today’s era of short attention spans, and Divi’s lengthy code strings is draging things down.
  1. Restricted & Limited: Even though Divi gives you a lot of flexibility, it is still somewhat constrained because everything must follow the predetermined structure. CSS or another programming language can accomplish more if you’re a skilled web developer or designer, where Divi does not limit or restrict you.
  1. Learning: You need to become educated about a variety of topics because Divi has so many features. Everything from using Monarch and Bloom to understanding the various building parts such as sections, rows, and modules. For people who are unfamiliar with site design and marketing, this might be a challenging task at the beginning.


  1. Yearly access: Access To Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch Website Packs, and Hundreds of website packs. In this plan, you also get product updates as well as superior Support from the website with a Risk-Free Guarantee of 30-day. Elegant Themes reimburse your purchase price if you are dissatisfied with your subscription for nearly unlimited Website Usage for a year. This plan costs you around $89 per year, which is not a huge amount in place of all these wonderful features.
  2. Unlimited Acess: There are no recurring costs for a lifetime membership. Buy once, and always get access to product updates. You get complete access to all of our products, including Divi, the most widely used WordPress theme in the whole world. You may utilize Divi’s countless exquisitely designed layout bundles to build almost any kind of website. This plan also has Risk free guarantee. It normally costs around $249, which is quite a deal.


  1. Are these themes actually user-friendly?

Elegant themes provides the ideal fusion of gorgeous featured themes and traditional simple themes for healthcare and charity sites as well as for modern fashion and recipe blogs. Most of their themes work with HTML5. Themes from Elegant Themes are responsive web design-coded and fit to the latest Mobilegeddon standards.

  1. Are Page templates & Page builders are supported by Elegant Themes or not? 

Page templates are a need for every premium WordPress theme store. Additionally, the greatest premium themes, attractive themes, have a wonderful taste in page designs. You may use any of the saved layouts from the page templates provided by beautiful themes to give each individual page a polished, graphic designer-quality appearance.

  1. Do customers receive timely support from Elegant Themes?

Elegant Themes based on customer service and support is excellent. Elegant Themes is dedicated to help you in expanding your company. The designers of beautiful WordPress themes are always available to provide you with first-rate technical support. Additionally, they offer a support forum with 30 or more technical experts to assist you in resolving even the simplest theme-related issue.

Conclusion on elegant themes

The Divi Builder is indeed quite amazing, as promised, and Elegant Themes should absolutely be pleased.  This all-around simple page builder will work for everyone who wants to make custom designs without having to learn how to code as well as those looking for a creative solution. Contrary to initial impressions, the Divi Builder was really designed with the user in mind and offers more options and flexibility than the majority of other page builders. At this point, it seems quite obvious why people are choosing this page builder, but it is up to you to decide if it lives up to your expectations or not.Hope this review was useful and you enjoy using Elegant Themes.

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