AWeber [The Ultimate Review]


For many reasons, AWeber is a wonderful email marketing tool. It includes fantastic features like managing subscriptions, reporting, and broadcast messages in addition to being quite customizable. You may choose to send a broadcast message to all of your subscribers, a specific subset of them, or a specific email list. Broadcast messages are essentially emails containing an important message like an approaching event that is sent once. Additionally, you decide what day and what hour each broadcast will be transmitted. Over 120,000 small companies, bloggers, and entrepreneurs use the opt-in email marketing solution that AWeber creates and manages. Their web-based technologies support business growth by maintaining email contact with clients and potential clients. Aweber is an email marketing software program, it helps business owners to maintain their connections and generate, send, and automate emails. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re considering investing in AWeber.



Aweber is the industry leader in email marketing software for small businesses. Since its founding in 1998, AWeber has a 20-year track record of accomplishment in assisting over a million customers to effectively and simply interact with their prospects and consumers. AWeber offers the ability to swiftly construct responsive landing pages, load and manage contacts, send stunning emails, send immediate push alerts, and evaluate outcomes without having to be a tech whiz. It also offers award-winning 24/7 US-based customer service. 

AWeber collaborates with more than 1,000 software partners, enabling users to easily integrate with the tools and services they need to run and expand their businesses. AWeber is a privately held business with headquarters in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Being one of the first email marketing solutions helped the business to grow quickly.  

AWeber performed a fantastic job of inventing to stay up with the trends despite having more than two decades of expertise. In addition to its duration, AWeber’s creators also have a high level of confidence. The company also imposed a remote-workforce operation during the initial wave of the COVID-19 epidemic and runs remotely, with the staff dispersed globally. 


Setting up your mailing list is simple with AWeber. Additionally, they offer free tools like Launchpad, which offers wonderful advice for content ideas, fresh approaches to list growth, and more!

STEP 1: AWeber will send you a link to generate your password and log in after you create your account. Your account’s Welcome experience will be displayed when you first log in.

STEP 2: Start by inputting the name of the business or program you’re joining. Enter your website or social media profile after that Facebook URL, Instagram URL, YouTube Channel URL, etc. Last but not least, please choose your industry from the list of options. It’s okay if you don’t currently have a website! Simply skip. 

STEP 3: Next, kindly include the postal address connected to the company from which you will be sending emails. CAN-SPAM regulations mandate this.

STEP 4: Next, if you have any email subscribers, please let them know. They are here if you don’t have any subscribers, and that is totally acceptable.

STEP 5: If so, choose the proper amount real quick. Remember that if you are transferring subscribers, your team of migration specialists will assist you in doing so for FREE. They will also help you transfer all of your other content to AWeber.

STEP 6: Please let them know if you are, in fact, bringing subscribers with you if that is the case. It will enable you to help transfer over as soon as feasible.

STEP 7: What objectives do you have in mind? Again, choosing these will enable us to give you a custom road map to success. They can assist you to get there more effectively the more they understand what you are looking for. Choose however many you think fit!

STEP 8: Finally, with which third-party services are you already connected? Everything you are using already works for them because they truly integrate with every single integration on this list! As soon as you click “Continue,” you’ll be able to connect to them.

And that’s it! The fundamental settings required to launch your mailing list have been set up. The list setup doesn’t cover all the features and settings you can utilize with your list. By moving through your list, you can configure the characteristics that best suit your requirements.



AWeber has one of the most extensive libraries of HTML e-newsletter templates in comparison to its rivals. In actuality, AWeber asserts that there are over 600 accessible although many of them are ‘variants’ of templates, we estimate the true number of templates to be closer to 145.

Follow up

Sending someone an automatic follow-up email after they subscribe to your mailing list is a really smart idea. This straightforward activity, which only requires a few minutes to set up, can strengthen your relationship with the subscriber, encourage them to visit your website again, and, most significantly, increase your revenue. This function has the advantage of allowing you to build as many as you like and schedule their distribution for delivery on specific days of the week and at specific times of the day. You also receive statistics that show you what is being opened, clicked, and so on.

Email automation

You may easily choose the time that you want to send emails to your subscribers using AWeber’s email automation.OptinMonster, Interact, and Unbounce are just a few of the many products and services that integrate seamlessly. Based on the recipients’ actions, they start email campaigns. A variety of automation techniques, such as drip campaigns, welcome emails, and product launch series.

Integration and Storage of Data

AWeber allows you to gather and save information about your clients. This information is essential for segmentation, content personalization, and the use of emails. AWeber’s data fields and give a rundown on importing users and data.


Using the data that is kept in the system and the segmentation capabilities provided by AWeber’s platform, you can establish client segments. Great practice for improving email relevance and lowering costs by sending fewer emails is to use segments. The conditions of each segment can be set to include or exclude specific parts of your list.

 A/B Testing or Split testing

You can utilize AWeber’s A/B testing tool to improve your emails’ subject lines. You produce several variations of your email and distribute each variation to a different group of your clients. Each version’s performance is tracked by AWeber, and you may select a successful email to distribute to the rest of your test group.

Opt-in Feature

AWeber offers you how you want to handle the opt-in process is a nice feature. You can decide whether to utilize a single opt-in or a double opt-in method to subscribe to your consumers. A single opt-in user is one who is subscribed instantly after filling out a form; a double opt-in user must click on a link in a confirmation email to finalize their subscription. Both methods have pros and limitations, so it’s wonderful to see AWeber being versatile in this regard not all companies offer this option to customers.

Message scheduling

Message scheduling enables users to schedule communications in a timely manner so they may complete their tasks in a precise manner. The emails’ automated features also enable firms to generate more sales with less effort. Increased engagement and conversion rates for the company are further a result of more sales.


AWeber includes two types: “Pro” and “Free.”

  1. FREE PLAN: AWeber is available for free. As long as your email list has fewer than 500 members, you may access most of AWeber’s services. The Free plan can be ideal for you if you’re just starting started with email marketing or simply require basic email marketing tools. There are no time constraints with the Free plan, which offers everything you need to use email marketing to expand your business.
  2. PRO PLAN:  Everything we provide is included in the Pro plan, including unlimited sending to your list and access to all tools and features. Like a pro, use email marketing to expand your company. The Pro package could be ideal for you if you already have a list of subscribers or want access to more complex email marketing capabilities like segmentation, split testing, or advanced analytics.

Your charging will rise as your list increases. You still get access to all features and unlimited sending, so this is a huge advantage of the price, you don’t need to subscribe to any other packages to obtain full access.

Aweber Pros

  1. Simple to manage

AWeber offers features like segmentation, subscriber management & tracking, and other advantages and are easy to use. To plan your next actions and improve your future efforts, you should look at the analytical outcomes of your email campaign. Business choices can be influenced by information like which links were visited and how much money was made. These assessments are provided by AWeber in simple charts. Visually, you’ll be able to tell what worked and what didn’t!

  1. Landing Page Builder: 

Because there are fewer distractions on landing pages like no navigation, offers, or content to divert attention from a sign-up form, data is collected more efficiently than on ordinary websites.  Fortunately, AWeber enables you to develop easy landing pages that go well with advertising campaigns (lowering the need for very expensive third-party solutions to produce them)

  1. Integrating with Third-party apps:

AWeber has over 750 interfaces with various web applications. These enable you to link the platform to other essential cloud-based products, like landing page builders like Instapage and Wix, CRM applications like Capsule, and website builders like Shopify.

  1. Customer Service: 

One of the most notable aspects of AWeber is undoubtedly its customer service. AWeber’s phone support service is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm ET, and their email and live/chat assistance are all available around-the-clock. Overall, one of the nicest aspects of AWeber is the customer service.

  1. Reporting: 

AWeber’s email statistics are effective. You can look at a number of additional helpful analytics/information in addition to being able to track important stats like open rate, clickthroughs, and bounces. The ultimate point is that AWeber will provide you with a clear picture of how your email marketing performed and provide you with enough information to organize future efforts wisely.

  1. Deliverability: 

AWeber’s deliverability is rather impressive when compared to many other email marketing programs, especially free ones. Although it often depends on a few factors, such as the type of your items and how you write your email topic and content, some business owners claimed up to 98% success rate, which is excellent.

Because AWeber continually scans email campaigns for possible spam concerns, you may change them before they turn into spam. Because of Aweber’s servers’ excellent reputation, your emails will pass spam filters with ease.


Now, not every user of email marketing has the same needs and means. As a result, some people will undoubtedly regard AWeber’s features to be insufficient or unimportant. The following are only a few of these possible drawbacks.

  1. Pricing

Other email marketing solutions are available that are less expensive or even give their services for nothing. There are no free trials offered by AWeber. The $1 trial for the first month is their greatest deal. Even yet, this only applies to their monthly plan, not to their quarterly and yearly plans.

  1. Videos: 

Videos cannot be sent over AWeber’s email system. Instead, you must post it to a website for sharing videos, such as YouTube, or even your blog, and then include links to these videos in the emails. Unless there is a unique reason why you prefer the video to be included in the email, this is actually not much of a problem.


If you’re searching for drag-and-drop email marketing software that enables you to construct landing pages, generates new email templates, and collects new leads via pop-up forms, AWeber is the correct choice for you. AWeber is also fantastic for individuals who want quick email delivery and top-notch customer service.

The free plan, which lets you keep up to 500 members, is the most notable. When you reach that limit, you must sign up for the AWeber monthly, annual, or annual plan to access the advanced email marketing features.

You can distinguish messages and subscribers in your AWeber account using lists. Checklists are used to manage the material on your account and to view the subscriptions that you have.

Yes, AWeber has a drag-and-drop editor as well as templates, which are pre-built themes that can be customized, so you can easily generate lovely and useful emails. To use the editor, you won’t need any technical knowledge. Your logos, photos, texts, and layouts may all be changed with ease.

You may either make your own unique template or explore the AWeber template collection. You may store your preferred templates and use them for transactional, promotional, or newsletter emails. AWeber accounts are cheap, and you can access roughly 200 email templates with them. You must create a premium account in order to view all 700+ AWeber email templates.

For the majority of email marketing tasks, AWeber is a decent choice because it’s reasonably well-featured and moderately priced. GetResponse is a particularly strong alternative for those in need of extensive email marketing capability, but there are better solutions if you want to employ complex segmentation and automation elements in your campaigns.

Conclusion on Aweber 

The primary features of Aweber that would influence my decision to choose AWeber are its simplicity of use, web fonts, landing page builder, AMP for email capability, and extensive support. Additionally, its free plan is excellent, granting users with shortlists unlimited access to all the essential functions.AWeber is a reliable email marketing platform, in my opinion. Although it isn’t the greatest product currently on the market, it is dependable, inexpensive, simple to use, and comes with the majority of the essential features you’d know from a high-quality email marketing solution. Users who are new to email marketing and lack many technical abilities may find the support component to be very crucial since, should any issues emerge, they may be resolved by speaking to a real person, on phone calls. The primary reasons I wouldn’t use AWeber are that you have to pay a fee to store unsubscribed contacts in your account, that its marketing automation tools are quite extremely basic, and that you can’t broadcast to many data segments at once. I hope this AWeber review has been useful so far, but if you still can’t decide if it’s the right email marketing service for you!

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