AppSumo Review [The Ultimate Guide]


Have you ever come across the word AppSumo? If you are a businessman then you probably have. And I am sure you wonder if the lifetime deals by AppSumo are worth it for your business. To answer your various questions about AppSumo, let us review the below-written article. 

What is AppSumo?


AppSumo is a giant platform that offers learning-based products that attempt to teach skills to customers. The users of AppSumo learn programming languages, hiring practices, and project management.  It started as a digital tool that offered lifetime deals but grew extensively as a business. It is a daily deals website that includes application software, learning courses, ebooks, copywriting courses, project management apps, email marketing, and many more. 

Appsumo website has become a digital good and services platform offering lifetime deals. It is a marketplace where a user can find products and ebooks of various training and course. The digital marketplace was launched back in 2011, by Noah Kagan. It is counted among the best places for startups or SaaS companies, in which company can showcase their offerings online. 

There are 1.4M consumers on the AppSumo website. Each consumer on this platform is known as Sumo-ling. Consumers are interested in what the company is providing. The number of Sumo-lings is increasing day by day. Many startups have managed to gather funds for their investments. Continue reading to know more about AppSumo. 

How does it work?

Now, as we have covered the meaning and objective of the AppSumo platform. Let us look at how it works. For the platform to survive and make money, purchases must take place. Therefore, AppSumo looks out for high-quality Saas products for their site. Entrepreneurs and individuals are free to upload their products online which provides free visibility on the platform. And sell the same with heavy discount. This also helps them in advertisements and promotion of their site. 

On the other hand, sellers can decide the offering that they want to give to the customers. Further, if the limit is reached, their offerings will not be accessible. The paid customers of AppSumo get the benefit from the discounted prices offered by SaaS companies. A buyer receives all the updates about the deal he is interested in. One may find attractive solutions and products at lower prices for a lifetime. 

How to get started with AppSumo

There are only three steps that one should keep in their mind while selling their products on AppSumo. 

  1. Validate your product
  2. Get high-quality feedback 
  3. Start accelerating your money and business

Features of AppSumo

Following are the many different features of AppSumo:

Pros of AppSumo

A huge audience of AppSumo

Many buyers regularly keep their eye on the popular site AppSumo. Periodically, the Sumo-lings learn about deals that might be highly appealing to them. Therefore, there is a huge audience on the site.  Most of them are eager to accept a lifetime deal from an intriguing SaaS firm if they are already Sumo-lings.

Additionally,  AppSumo provides free marketing. The team shares assets of their business and news on their social media handles and within their networks. By doing this, more customers will get to know you and may decide to purchase your lifetime deal on AppSumo.

Free advertising 

There are different marketing skills that the platform provides. Following are some of the marketing ways of AppSumo:

Product listing: 

One gets to highlight their USP (Unique Selling Point) and offering explained to a large audience.

Social Media: 

The platform has a lot of followers. This allows people to be able to see and reach several people. 

Email Marketing: 

The marketing team helps in sending emails to all the receivers. Thus, it will spread the talks of your business more. 


The platform shares videos on its youtube channel. 

A good number of reviews 

A company will be able to get good and useful feedback from Sumo-lings. They will rapidly purchase your discounted goods. Good taco ratings on a business’s product will persuade Sumo-lings to acquire a terrific bargain that would save them money and provide them with amazing value.

You may learn from the reviews what features of your product customers like best and what should be improved. Additionally, you are aware that AppSumo users are searching for cutting-edge services from startups and are aware of what to anticipate. Because of this, the reviews you receive will be insightful and beneficial.

Startups can grow more

AppSumo is used by a lot of startups to kickstart their businesses. In essence, it indicates that you are making money without making a significant outside investment. You won’t find many venture capitalists who will invest a lot of money in your business, but you will find numerous customers who will simply buy your product.

Find great solutions 

Consumers can find wonderful items and solutions. There are SaaS options available that help them with a variety of tasks, including enhancing internal operations, streamlining workflow, providing more to clients or employers, and much more. Additionally, this solution will help consumers save money because you’ll obtain a lifetime offer at a large discount.

Demerits of AppSumo

Compulsive buying

As the platform provides huge discounted products for its customers. People bring a mindset of buying products without giving them a thought. In simpler words, it is easy to carried away with the products on AppSumo, therefore customers easily buy things that they might never use. 

User reviews 

There are different users. Some of them have not discovered any other platform other than AppSumo. And finds it the best for their products. Therefore, the reviews are made enthusiastically. Some can even be fake. 

Lack of product development

There are chances that the product purchased by you isn’t fully developed. Most of the products on the AppSumo are sold during the journey of fully developed products. There isn’t a full guarantee that the product will perform its best. 

Start-up failure

AppSumo has many stars ups on the platform. Therefore, individuals are mainly buying products from different start-ups. There isn’t any guarantee that the start-up would sustain the long run and will be profitable in the future. Hence, even though you are getting lifetime service, the start-up may shut their production anytime in the future. 


Once you have discovered the different features and many benefits and demerits of the AppSumo it is time to look at the price of the platform. Also, note that none of the plans are refundable. 

  1. Single plan: This is a one-time purchase of $49. It includes all different types of features (ShortySMS, SendFox,  EmailBadge, SleekBio, KingSumo). 15,000 image optimization credits per month and up to 125 GB of CDN traffic per month. 
  2. Double Plan: This is a one-time purchase of $98. Including all the features, it provides 30,000 image optimization credits per month. Alongside 250 GB of CDN traffic per month.
  3. Multiple Plan: This is a one-time purchase of $147. It includes all the features and 45,000 image optimization credits per month. Including, this plan offers 375 GB of CDN traffic per month.


  1. How much do I have to pay to sell on AppSumo?

There are three different plans under AppSumo. The platform sells lifetime access to your products, for a minimum of $39 or $49. 

  1. How should I start using AppSumo?

You have to cover three steps to start using the AppSumo platform. First, validate your products, then make thousands of reviews from Sumo lings.

  1. Who is the founder of AppSumo?

Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo.

  1. Can I trust AppSumo?

Yes, AppSumo is a verified website and also a business that is helping various software developers as well as buyers.

  1. What is the use of AppSumo?

AppSumo is used for delivering goods and services digitally. It is a business with an online B2B spin.


AppSumo is a very useful site for new start-ups and entrepreneurs. It gives small businesses and Saas startups great exposure. A company gets help in marketing from AppSumo’s team and also with a good number of customers. On the other hand, customers should find innovative solutions from the platform and save a significant amount of money from the same. Let us know in the comments if you have more queries. 

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