AGODA Travel Agency [The Comprehensive Guide]


Agoda is one of the most well-known and significant online travel agencies in the world. Agoda is run by Agoda Company Pt. Ltd, It is a Singaporean business that is run by a multinational management group. Over 1,000,000 people have used Agoda’s discounted hotel services since it was launched in 1997. The main aim of Agoda is to provide access to inexpensive travel for more people while also offering fun and affordable travel experiences that are hassle-free from start to end. The app and the website are easy to use. There are a number of rooms to choose from As a startup in e-commerce, Agoda was founded in Singapore in 2005. Although the firm was started in Phuket, Thailand, its current offices are in Singapore. With its recent growth, Agoda now offers a worldwide network of 2 million properties in more than 200 countries and territories. Additionally, it employs more than 4000 individuals. 



It provides rapid access to a wide range of high-end and reasonably priced hotels, apartments, homes, and villas to suit all travel requirements and spending limits. Bookings may be done using the mobile app and website of Agoda, which both offer 38 different languages. According to a recent study, Agoda has 2.5 million listings for properties worldwide, including private holiday home rentals. Agoda furthermore offers iOS and Android applications to hotel and property owners.

Agoda top Features

  1. Amazing Prices: If you make a hotel booking via and then discover the same room at a lower price for the same dates, you can request that the Agoda price match the lower price you discovered. The conditions of the reservation specify the breakfast, a flexible cancellation policy, the number of visitors, and other details. The greatest services and rates are provided by Agoda.
  2. Cost-effective: If you book your trip long enough in advance, Agoda can help you get the best deals. Agoda also provides price matching, which allows you to potentially receive a refund for the difference between the price you pay and a lower price you find.
  3. Discounts: Agoda lets you sort search results to find the most affordable or highly rated hotels for the dates you’ve selected. You may also go through the offers picked out by Agoda. These are at incredibly inexpensive rates, sometimes up to 4%. If you want the best deal, here is a wonderful place to start.

How is Agoda operated? 

Agoda is one of the online travel agencies that have already put in the time and effort to develop a platform or marketplace and attract a sizable amount of visitors. The affiliate marketing business model is how Agoda is run. Affiliate marketing firms promote goods and services they do not own while receiving a commission from the provider of those goods and services for each sale. There are no hotels owned by Agoda. The business acts as a middleman and is compensated by making life simpler for both the guest and the host. Without ever leaving, visitors may explore a variety of accommodations available across the world, quickly compare costs, and safely make a purchase. Agoda receives a fee from hosts for each successful booking as payment for the marketing and visibility the company gives hosts.

How to create an account on Agoda? 

The advantages of opening your own Agoda account are numerous. The majority of Agoda’s numerous money-saving tools are only available once you’ve made your account, but I’ll cover them in more detail later on in this post. Making an account will simply take a few seconds. This is how it is done:

STEP 1: On the homepage, first, click “Create account” in the top right corner.

STEP 2: Fill out the pop-up box with your email, password, and first and last name.

STEP 3: Click “Create account” after providing your personal information.

STEP 4:  Within ten minutes, you ought to get a confirmation email for your account.

How to choose a room and complete your reservation? 

On Agoda, you’ll find a lot of low-cost accommodations, however, some are located far away. Ensure that the place you choose is close to the areas you’ll visit after arrival. Each listing includes an interactive map that shows the location of the property in relation to nearby landmarks. Read the whole listing description. Verify if the amenities meet your needs. A completed description demonstrates that the host took the time to create the listing. Before making a reservation, review the host’s cancellation policy and confirm the entire cost. After making your reservation, you ought to get a booking confirmation email within ten minutes.

How to Manage or Modify Your Bookings?

To Modifying Your Reservation Dates, you need to follow the following steps mentioned below:

  1. STEP 1: Log in to your Agoda account first.
  2. STEP 2: In the top right corner of the main page, click your account name to continue.
  3. STEP 3:  Select “My reservations” from the drop-down menu after that. Under Upcoming Bookings, locate the reservation you want to change, then click “Edit booking.”
  4. STEP 4: The words “Change dates” are located next to the check-in and check-out dates.
  5. STEP 5: After clicking, change your dates. You may occasionally get a notice that says “You can’t alter this booking online.” You must get in touch with Agoda’s Customer Support immediately if you notice this warning, and they will help you further.

How to Book Cheap Hotels, Flights, Cars, and More on Agoda?


You may look for any kind of housing on Agoda, including hotels, motels, cabins, and vacation rentals. Start by putting your desired location (or specific property), your trip dates, and the approximate number of passengers into the homepage’s main search field. You may use Agoda Homes to look for a rental house or restrict your Hotels & Homes search results to just display rentals you prefer. These choices can be found in the upper left corner of your screen. Your results list may also be sorted according to factors like price, locations, and reviews. Taxes and fees are not included in Agoda’s rates until you reach the payment stage. Agoda may first appear to have the most affordable rates, but you must proceed through the final booking steps to view the complete pricing, which includes taxes and fees.


You may use Agoda to get low-cost flights in addition to hotels. Agoda functions as a metasearch engine when you use it to make airline reservations. That implies that after using Agoda to look for a flight, you will be sent to another booking site to complete your transaction.

The next step is to fill out the main search box with your departure city, destination, travel dates, number of people, and service class. Hacker fares are charged. Hacker Fares can be an excellent method to save money, but before you start reserving the ticket, be careful to confirm that both sections are genuinely accessible. You will be taken to a different website to finalize your booking after clicking the View Deal option.

Airport Transfer with Agoda

You can book airport transfers via Agoda from more than 2,000 places around the world. Simply select Airport transport from the top menu to get started booking your airport transfer on Agoda. Next, input the pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the day, time, and number of passengers. To input your flight details if you’re being picked up at the airport, switch to Landing time.

How to Cancel a Reservation?


  1. What happens if I don’t have my booking confirmation and can’t find my reservation on Agoda?

After making a reservation, you ought to get a confirmation email in 30 minutes. It is advisable to check your junk/spam folders carefully. After 24 hours, if you still can’t retrieve your confirmation, call Agoda at (65) 63 297 537 or (866) 656 8207. The phone numbers that are offered for your country can be found on our platform or Agoda.

  1. Is Agoda a legit website? 

Agoda is a trustworthy website and company. Nevertheless, the ratings are generally poor, with a few exceptional ones. Customers frequently complain about slow or no reimbursements, Agoda’s lack of responsiveness, problems with their bookings, and other things. We advise being extra careful or avoiding their service given their inattentive customer assistance and poor complaint resolution rating on our platform.

  1. How can I modify my Agoda email address?

You cannot modify your email addresses on your own as a host. Write your email change request to Agoda. You can experiment with updating your email in your account settings as a guest. If not, you must register a new account.

  1. If I change or cancel my Agoda booking, will I be charged?

It depends on the room’s cancellation policy. There won’t be a cancellation fee if you booked a free cancellation reservation. The amount of the cancellation fees are set by the property.

  1. Does Agoda have any undeclared fees?

Agoda often charges a service fee of between 10% and 12%; however, this is not a secret price; rather, it is a common practice in the online booking sector.

Conclusion on Agoda

Agoda is among the best website if you want to secure hotel and hostel rooms at a reasonable price when compared to other online booking services in terms of quality. This is a result of its trustworthy reputation. However, constantly remember our suggestions as well as the benefits and drawbacks so you are prepared for everything. This page describes every essential element of the company, website, and app. Use Agoda now that you’re familiar with what to look for and how it works. There is a ton of offerings out there. Enjoy your journey!

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