Agoda [The Ultimate Guide]


Agoda is a hotel booking website that provides useful options for selecting the finest hotel for your needs. An online travel service for hotels, vacation rentals, flights, and airport transfers is or just Agoda. It is presently a subsidiary of Booking Holdings and owned by Agoda Company. Agoda has its headquarters in Singapore. Bookings are made through Agoda’s website and from the mobile app, which supports 38 different languages. Agoda has 2.5 million listings for homes globally according to recent research, including private vacation home rentals. Additionally, Agoda provides hotel and property owners with iOS and Android apps. 



Agoda’s purpose is to create exciting and economical travel experiences that are hassle-free from beginning to finish, as well as to increase access to affordable travel for more people. The booking procedure is basic and very uncomplicated. The website and app are simple to use. There are several rooms from which to pick. Without any rush, once you begin to plan and enjoy your vacation. Agoda was set up in Singapore in 2005 as an e-commerce startup. Although the company’s present headquarters are in Singapore, it was founded in Phuket, Thailand. Agoda has expanded to provide a global network of 2 million properties in more than 200 nations and territories. As well as gives employment to over 4000 plus people. It gives tourists quick access to a variety of premium and affordable hotels, apartments, houses, and villas to fit all vacation needs and budgets.

Agoda Top Features

Best Prices:

If you book a hotel via and then locate the same accommodation with the same conditions for the same dates at a cheaper price, you can make a claim to Agoda to price match the lower price you found. Breakfast is included in the booking terms, as is the flexibility of the cancellation policy, the number of guests, and so on. Agoda offers the best services at the best prices. 


Agoda allows you to sort search results to locate the cheapest or most highly rated hotels for your desired dates. You may also browse at the hidden bargains selected by Agoda for you. These are extremely low prices, often as much as 4%, at hotels that remain nameless until you book a stay. This is a fantastic place to start if you’re seeking the greatest offer.

Filters to sort out:

You may narrow down your search results by neighborhood or use Google Maps to discover where your hotel is located and how distant it is from landmarks and attractions. Agoda’s criteria do not contain landmarks and attractions, which we found handy in other services.

Cost Effective:

If you’re planning a vacation far enough in the future, Agoda can help you obtain the cheapest pricing. Agoda also offers price matching, where you may get reimbursed for the difference between what you pay and the lesser price you discover.

Safety concerns: has measures in place to protect customers from booking scams and fraud. These technologies are particularly beneficial in protecting vulnerable clients who are unfamiliar with Agoda’s platform. Before being approved into the hotel, new hosts are also verified. During the screening process, hosts are required to present legal papers and images verifying their relation to the property they have listed for. 

Why Should You try using Agoda?

The answer to this question of why you should try using Agoda is because of the features that are listed above, from these features you get an idea of how amazing your accommodations on the trip will be! Fortunately, Agoda offers a diverse range of accommodations. It can list up to 200 possible appointments, if not more, depending on where you are. If you’re visiting a new nation or city, the first thing you should do is find a clean and safe location to stay for the night or the duration of your vacation. If you’ve ever had a flight delayed and arrived in a new city late at night, you know how tough it can be to locate a pleasant, warm room to sleep in. This is quite convenient and may save you a lot of time rather than traveling around the city looking for a place to sleep. You may explore and compare different rooms side by side using the Agoda website or app to analyze the merits and downsides of each. Furthermore, Agoda clearly details all of the facilities and services available in that specific accommodation, so you know exactly what to expect. There are two types of booking 

How to Make a Booking from Agoda’s and Pay for It?

You will reach the payment/reservation page after choosing your room from a listing that matches your preferences and price range. Agoda accepts payments in just two ways: 

  1. Online: Debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal can all be used to make online purchases. The five-card payment networks that Agoda accepts are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Carte Bleue.
  2. In Person: When you get to your host’s place, you pay in person. You should be aware that some tiny, family-run hotels, hostels, and guesthouses only accept cash for in-person transactions.

These are the two ways by which you can make bookings using Agoda. 

What is the difference between Agods’s mobile app and Agoda’s website?

Agoda’s mobile app performs nearly the same activities as its website, with the exception of the user interface. You can use the app to access all the same options, including flights, car rentals, and airport transfers. You can also view your past, present, and future reservations, as well as customer advantages like Agoda VIP, AgodaCash, and PointsMAX.On occasions, pricing on the website is lower than those on the app, and vice versa.  If you have the app on your phone, it will be simple to access your reservation information during check-in and find the hotel when you arrive in a foreign location.

How you can reach out for Agoda’s Assistance? 

Over the years, Agoda has simplified and expanded the options for self-service. Customers now have the independence to address problems that don’t need an Agoda agent’s help, which saves time for everyone involved. You must get in touch with Agoda directly if a problem cannot be resolved through self-service. Agents at Agoda deal with complaints and inquiries from customers. Customer service at Agoda is centralized, so no matter where you call from—the US, UK, Australia, East Asia, South Asia—you’ll use the same contact information.


  1. Explain what is day-use

Agoda launched the day-use function in August 2020 with the goal of giving more flexibility and value to individuals who do not require a full night’s stay. This enables visitors to reserve hotel rooms for just a few hours while yet getting all the benefits of doing so. As there is an increase in occupancy throughout the day, this helps to generate income.

  1. What are some destination guides on Agoda?

Agoda has released several travel guides for well-known locations all around the world. They include these for trendy locations and bucket-list locations on their website, along with several articles on these locations. Airports, attractions, the best hotels, day excursions, dining, tours, and much more are all included in the destination guides.

  1. What is VIP Programme? 

Customers who have made a particular amount of bookings over the course of 24 months are eligible for Agoda’s VIP program. They get special discounts since they are less likely to cancel their reservations. You sign up for an Agoda account and are immediately a member. On your account’s homepage or mobile app, under the AgodaVIP area, you may check your VIP status. This will show your present situation and how many reservations you need to make to advance to the next level.


Agoda as compared to other online booking services in terms of quality if you want to reserve hotel and hostel rooms at a fair price this is the best website. This is because of its reliable reputation. But always keep in mind our advice as well as the advantages and disadvantages so you’re ready for anything. Every significant component of the business, website, and app is mentioned in this article. Now, make use of Agoda now that you are aware of what to search for and how it functions. There are so many offers available. Have a great journey!

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