Hostelworld [World’s Best Hostels at Your Fingertips]

Hostels are an increasingly popular option for visitors, not just those on a budget but also those who just want to meet new people while they explore new areas. There are many hostels and booking websites now, but for the purposes of our review, we’ll be concentrating on Hostelworld. With places like Amsterdam, Seattle, London, Paris, and Banff among others, Hostelworld is a hostel-based booking website that enables you to reserve lodging in more than 179 countries. Your reservation is promptly confirmed with Hostelworld, and there are no booking fees. In Dublin, Ireland, Ray Nolan established Since then, almost 20,000 properties in nearly 180 countries have been added to the website’s inventory. Since 2015, the business has been traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange under the name Hostelworld Group PLC (symbol HSW). In the last ten years, Hostelworld has solidified its position as the industry leader in online hostel reservations by purchasing two of its biggest rivals ( and Although Hostelworld fills a significant gap in the travel market, its annual income is significantly lower than that of the largest online travel agencies (OTAs), such as, Booking, or Expedia. Hostelworld is among the most legitimate, reputable, and trustworthy travel booking sites in the world, ranking alongside those other significant OTAs thanks to its long, solid history as a business. The largest website in the world for booking hostels and low-cost lodgings is Hostelworld. There’s a good possibility that if you’ve ever looked for hostels online, you’ve already found their website. They have 36,000 homes on their outstanding list, spread over 170 nations. With millions of reviews written by the platform’s users and hostel visitors, Hostelworld is a reputable and trustworthy resource for information about hostels.




Hostelworld can be your go-to website if you’re a traveler seeking out novel experiences. Here, you’ll discover the best hostels at a reasonable price, along with details on nearby attractions and useful visitor reviews to help you make the most of your stay. A website called Hostelworld links travelers with hostels all over the world. Hostelworld is one of the most complete online travel databases, with over 1,500,000 listings. It provides visitors with a number of features. One of the most well-liked booking platforms for travelers is Hostelworld and for good reason. The website provides a wide range of independently owned and operated hostels. As a result, you may be sure to locate a hostel that matches your preferences and spending limit. In addition to letting users select from a variety of hostels, Hostelworld also provides several amazing advantages like user-generated content and guest reviews. It is simple to locate the ideal hostel for your vacation thanks to these advantages. Travelers have the opportunity to share their experiences with other travelers through user-generated content on Hostelworld, which can help you organize your trip more effectively. Additionally, guest evaluations offer an independent viewpoint on specific hostels, which can assist you in determining whether or not a particular hostel is ideal for you. Hostelworld has options for everyone, whether they wish to travel on a budget or stay in luxurious lodgings. So why are you still waiting? Make a reservation today! One of the most widely used internet hostel search engines is Hostelworld. It’s perfect for both luxury and budget travelers because it’s simple to use and offers a variety of options.

How to use Hostelworld? 

  • A rather simple platform is Hostelworld. To generate an extensive list of hostels, you must enter your destination and trip dates. You can sort them based on their costs as well as reviews left by other Hostelworld visitors. 
  • Check the number of user reviews before making a reservation at the top-rated hostels, is our advice. There are times when a hostel receives favorable reviews but from a small number of sources. 
  • It’s also helpful to look through user reviews to see whether products truly suit your preferences. In search of the lowest-priced hostels? We advise you to visit the hotel’s page to see their complete price list if you are basing your booking on price. 
  • Hostelworld often shows the least expensive cost, and it’s conceivable that this deal won’t meet your needs. Before deciding to book a room or bed in the hostel’s dorm, you will have the opportunity to look at not only the overall ratings but also ratings for each category on the page of your chosen hostel, including character, security, location, staff, atmosphere, and cleanliness. 
  • While they include all pertinent information, including amenities, facilities, and freebies, there have been instances where the information provided differs from what is offered.
  • How come they do that? The hostel can offer its amenities and features. For example, when they stopped offering breakfast but did not update this information, it is incorrect and out-of-date. 
  • Therefore, before making a reservation, we advise that you do additional research on the hostel of your choice in addition to reading the reviews.

How simple is the Hostelworld website to use?

  • The platform’s ability to link adventurous visitors with hostels around the globe is perhaps the website’s standout feature. To identify hostels in the nation you plan to visit, browse their homepage and use the primary search engine.
  • A drop-down menu of the country’s major cities will show up as you begin entering that country. When you choose the precise location, the search engine expands and you can enter details like the number of guests and the dates for check-in and check-out. The page of results that fit your criteria is then displayed to you.
  • You can pick between a private room and a shared dorm in the bed & breakfasts, hotels, and hostels that appear in the search results. That’s right, Hostelworld also allows you to book private B&Bs and hotel rooms, so you don’t have to share a dorm room.
  • After selecting a hotel and a room or suite that you like, you’ll see your choice on the right-hand side, which will confirm the dates of check-in and check-out, the number of guests, the type of room, the price per night, the total cost, the amount due now, the amount due on arrival or at a later time, and the cancellation policy.
  • You must sign in or establish a Hostelworld account to proceed; the details required include a working email address, your full name, your country, your payment information, etc. Additionally, you have the option to add any discount coupons you may have to reduce your final bill. A confirmation will then be displayed on the screen and emailed to the email address you previously provided.
  • You can finalize your reservation in just a few minutes after selecting an establishment and dorm/room style.

How can I make a booking?

  • When you are ready to finalize your reservation, you will be asked for payment information after choosing your destination, ideal property, number of guests, and number of nights.
  • To make an online reservation, you need a working credit card, debit card*, or PayPal account. Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Switch, JCB, and Laser are the cards we accept. When you book a room, A deposit (down payment) will be charged to your credit card or PayPal account.
  • Your reservation will be confirmed on-screen, and you should print it off and bring it with you to the resort. A confirmation email will also be sent to your email address.
  • When you check in at the property, you must pay the remaining balance, which is specified on your booking confirmation. This will always be expressed in the property’s local currency. Please be aware, though, that some booking types and accommodations demand upfront payment, so be sure to review the house rules of the accommodation you choose!

Is Booking With Hostelworld Safe?

Hostelworld is a legitimate business that upholds its regulations toward both hosts and visitors, but what is there in client security?

Typical client safety worries include:

  • Payment (safety of card details and personal information) (safety of card details and personal information)
  • Guest security at the venue
  • protection of personal property
  • fraud and booking scams

Primary Safety Concern: Payment

  • When making an online purchase, nobody wants to be concerned about the security of their credit card information. Thankfully, Hostelworld takes care of everything for you.
  • Your payment is secure because your credit card information is SSL encrypted, shielding you from shady parties. 
  • Only the booking deposit charge, which is a negligible sum (often approximately 15% of the overall booking cost), is paid by guests to Hostelworld. When you arrive for check-in, you will give your host the remaining balance. 
  • Read this article to find out more about Hostelworld’s payment procedures. Hostelworld offers secure online payment methods.

Guest safety on the property is a second safety concern.

  • A legitimate worry about the property is its safety. It’s likely the main concern people have when initially considering staying in a hostel. Individuals have different risk appetites and standards, but we can all take some sensible precautions.
  • If you’re new to Hostelworld and want to book with extra confidence, I suggest sticking with listings with high reviews (100+) and a stellar review rating (9+). Read the listing’s description and the last six months’ worth of customer reviews as well.
  • Hosts are not discouraged from offering accommodations in any specific region by Hostelworld. So if you are particularly concerned about neighborhood safety, do some advanced research on the surrounding areas. By selecting “Map” from the search box, you may view the location of a property.
  • Don’t be shy about asking for what you need because experienced staff members deal with all kinds of requests and hostels are designed to be somewhat flexible (in comparison to hotels).

Personal property safety is a third safety concern.

  • Lock up your valuables whether you’re going to bed or heading out for the day.
  • By choosing “Security Lockers” from the Facilities menu, you can narrow your search to just show hostels with lockers. Selecting “Key Card Access” would drastically restrict the number of available hostels, but it will add more security. Key cards are not a regular hostel feature.
  • Divide your credit cards and cash between your pocket (take only what you need) and your bag in your locker before departing from your hostel to go exploring for the day. If either of them gets hurt, you’ll have a backup plan. Keep a copy of your passport’s ID page, either on paper or digitally.
  • Before your journey, it’s a smart idea to buy travel insurance. Less cautious tourists would argue that theft coverage is unnecessary, but it undoubtedly adds to the peace of mind. However, if you apply common sense and adhere to a few wise habits when staying at a hostel, you should be alright.

Booking scams and fraud are a fourth safety concern.

  • Hostelworld has safeguards in place to stop fraud and booking frauds.
  • These procedures are made to safeguard consumers who are uninitiated or inexperienced with Hostelworld’s platform or who have never even stayed in a hostel. In general, Hostelworld approaches these issues from the perspective of the customer.
  • Before their listing can be authorized, new hosts are required to submit supporting documents and images of their property. Regardless of the number of glowing testimonials a property has received, Hostelworld retains the power to ban any host from its network.
  • In addition, Hostelworld provides a Booking Guarantee. You’ll receive a USD 50 credit if your reservation information is not present when you check in, indicating that the property doesn’t exist or won’t accept you. 

How to Create an Account on Hostelworld?

Making an account is optional to make booking, although membership offers advantages. You may manage your reservations, submit reviews, and make a wish list with a Hostelworld account. This is how you can set up an account:

  • On the homepage, first, click the Account button in the top-right corner.
  • Next, select “Create Account” from the Login pop-bottom-up menu.
  • Enter your username (which may not be the same as your legal name), email address, password, first and last names, birth date, gender, and country of citizenship on this sign-up page.
  • Then, select a public access or private access account by scrolling down.
  • Reviews with public access accounts show usernames and images.
  • On reviews, users and images are made anonymous through private access accounts.
  • After reading the Terms & Conditions and Data Protection Notice, click “Sign Up” to confirm that you agree to them.
  • By clicking the Account button while exploring the website, you can go straight to your account page.
  • Use this tutorial to find out more about setting up a Hostelworld account.

The 3 Types Of Bookings

Each Hostelworld reservation is one of three types:

  • Bookings with Free Cancellations
  • Standard Flexible Bookings
  • Non-Refundable Bookings

Bookings with Free Cancellations

If you make a reservation with “Free Cancellation,” your booking deposit will be returned as long as you cancel it before the “cancel by” date (usually 24 hours before check-in time). The reservation deposit will be returned as a voucher that may be used to pay for future reservations. From the date of issuance, vouchers are good for six months.

Standard Flexible Bookings

You can modify your dates later if you choose “Flexible Booking” while making your reservation, but you will have to pay a slightly larger booking deposit (multiple times). Read this guide to find out more about changing a Hostelworld reservation. Your booking deposit for a Standard Flexible reservation will be refunded as a voucher that may be used to pay for future booking deposits if you cancel before the “cancel by” date, which is typically 24 hours before check-in time. There won’t be any cancellation fees.

Non-Refundable Bookings

The least tolerant and least flexible but least expensive choice is non-refundable reservations. If you cancel a Non-Refundable booking, your booking deposit will be forfeited, and you will be responsible for the remaining balance. contact Hostelworld and explain why you believe your cancellation is justified in receiving a refund. Though you might get a full or partial refund, don’t count on it!

How Does Hostelworld’s App Work?

Similar to the website in operation, the Hostelworld app has a few special features that we’ll go over in this section.

The 5 pages of the app are:

  • Search
  • My wish lists
  • Hostel Speak
  • Account


The search page is simple to navigate. Simply type in your location, the dates, and the total number of guests, then click “Search.” Below that, you can browse the Top Destinations and Special Offers (discounted destinations).


You can discover all of your previous and upcoming reservations in My Trips. Here, reservations made via the website and mobile app are synchronized.


You can save hostels to your Wish List for further reference. Wish lists are particularly useful when you are still preparing or doing your research for a vacation. To start, click “New Wish List.”


You can use your voice to access bookings with Hostel Speak. Only those who have activated Siri on their iPhones can use the feature. Additionally accessible in several languages is Hostel Speak.


The app should be downloaded simply for access to the most active page, which is Your Account. You have access to your reservations, reviews, and earlier stays. To view your previous reservations pinned, use the interactive map behind your profile picture. When you reach “My Account,” where you may examine and modify your account information, continue scrolling (including refund vouchers and payment methods). In the “Settings” section below that, you can modify the language, distance unit, and default currency for your account.

What does Hostelworld’s booking fee look like?

One of the most widely used internet hostel search engines is Hostelworld. It’s perfect for both luxury and budget travelers because it’s simple to use and offers a variety of options. 

Simply choose a location and enter your dates to make a reservation with Hostelworld. Following that, a breakdown of costs, including bed and breakfast charges, will be displayed along with your selected hostel.

You will be required to enter your name and email address after choosing a hostel. Following the creation of an account with this information, you will be able to make hotel reservations directly through the website.

How does Hostelworld make money?

An online marketplace called Hostelworld connects travelers and hostels. Using Hostelworld’s platform instead of attempting to advertise on their own, hostels may typically reach more potential customers. On the other hand, visitors/tourists can utilize the place as a one-stop shop location to research, contrast, and securely book hostels.

These are its two main methods of income:

  • Booking commission fees
  • Suggested properties (Ads)

Fees for booking commissions

Every time a customer makes a reservation through Hostelworld’s website, the company is paid a commission. This cost is referred to as a “booking deposit.” When we make the engagement as tenants, we pay the booking deposit. When we arrive for check-in, we will give our host the remaining balance of our reservation. Hostelworld gives establishments the option to choose their commission rates (10–25% range). One of the numerous factors that influence a property’s ranking in the search results on the website (along with reviews, information, images, and more) is the commission rates that are selected. Customers can view in the backend of their accounts how, if at all, changing their commission rate will affect the rating of their property.

Flexible Commissions

The adjustable commission option offered by Hostelworld causes conflict among hostel owners. Hostels can boost their earnings by paying a modest commission rate and yet score well in less competitive locations. Since they can afford to pay greater commissions and don’t rely as heavily on Hostelworld for clients, hostel chains with substantial financial resources and strong brand recognition may feel that the system benefits hostels in high-competition locations. According to Hostelworld, allowing for economic flexibility while still encouraging properties to pay for greater visibility.

The system makes sense because consistently giving customers the finest hostel experience is in Hostelworld’s long-term best interest. Commission fees would quickly lose Hostelworld its credibility and eventually its consumers if they ever took the lead in ranking factors.

Recommended Properties (Ads)

Selling adverts on its primary website is another way that Hostelworld boosts its bottom line. On Hostelworld, the “Recommended Properties” section will commonly appear above your search results. Hostelworld receives payment from Featured Properties for this display so that they can draw in more guests.

How can I cancel a Hostelworld reservation?

This one is a bit challenging. I dislike changing plans, whether they be for travel, lodging, or excursions. No one reads the tiresome terms and conditions that are constantly present.

Unless otherwise specified by your preferred hotel, you must cancel your reservation with Hostelworld at least 24 hours before your scheduled arrival date to avoid a no-show or late cancellation fee.

The ability to cancel your reservation online will expire after 24 hours, and any cancellations made after this time will be treated as no-shows or late arrivals, with possible additional fees.

Log into your account, pick your reservation, then select “cancel” to cancel your Hostelworld reservation. When finished, the property will be informed immediately. Regarding cancellation fees, this would depend on your reservation and the conditions of the property as specified upon reservation confirmation.

The previous booking possibilities were as follows:

  • Booking with Free Cancellation
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Non-flexible Bookings
  • Non-refundable Booking

The latest time you can cancel a free cancellation booking is often in the time zone of the property and is indicated on your confirmation email.

Refunds will be handled automatically, however it may take up to 7 business days. You must cancel through Hostelworld to use your free cancellation.

Important: Using the “flexible booking option” is highly advised. In this manner, you are guaranteed a reimbursement in the event of a cancellation. You receive a voucher with the same value rather than your money back. This is essentially secure money that you will use anyhow if you are traveling.

For six months following the cancellation date, you may utilize that voucher value toward future reservations at hostelworld. Then it ends!

Conditions for Hostelworld’s flexible booking option:

I reviewed the official T&Cs. I emphasize the most crucial details. Verify that these T&Cs are still in effect before making a reservation. This review will be updated and kept current.      

  • The cancellation period established by the provider of travel services must be followed. 
  • Only online cancellations made through your Hostelworld account are considered valid. You are unable to cancel directly with the hostel and then request a refund from Hostelworld. 
  • It is not possible to cancel by phone or email and receive a voucher for your money back. 
  • Only complete cancellations of reservations, not partial cancellations, will be eligible for vouchers. 
  • The account associated with the email address used to execute your initial booking will be used to apply vouchers. It is not possible to use a voucher on a reservation made with a different email address.
  • Vouchers must be used within six months of your cancellation and are only good for the deposit 

Why Use Hostelworld?

Travelers may easily book hostels that meet their needs using Hostelworld. All you need to do is enter the following crucial data:

  • Where you’re going to
  • Where you’d like to go
  • The number of passengers (whether you are traveling as a group or traveling solo)
  • Dates of your check-in and check-out
  • The website offers a wide selection of hostels and properties from 170 different nations. It provides a lengthy list of hostels that meet all of your requirements.

Additionally, they have a sizable user base that has been validated and has millions of real and insightful evaluations. You can determine if the hostel meets your needs by reading these reviews. Additionally, Hostelworld provides its customers with the Best Price Guarantee. According to this policy, they promise to repay the difference in rates if you find a lower price for the same lodging and amenities.

Of course, some reasonable requirements must be met before you can make use of this policy. I advise you to carefully read these terms and conditions at the time of the reservation.

Additionally, Hostelworld offers a customer service line that is open around the clock for any issues that might arise.

Negative aspects of Hostelworld: 4 things to be aware of

Although Hostelworld is a great site, there are a few things we believe you should be aware of. Most tourists would not give this much thought, but we must look into Hostelworld’s other aspects to provide a more thorough and informative assessment of their services.

This is it:

  • Not every hostel is listed.
  • Only accessible hostels are displayed.
  • Confusing user demographics between Hostelworld 
  • Booking Ratings

Hostelworld does not include all hostels.

  • Despite having a fantastic collection of hostels, Hostelworld still does not include every hostel in the world. In all honesty, no website provides a complete listing of hostels. 
  • We estimate that 90% or more of all hostel properties currently in existence are listed on Hostelworld, so it’s near enough. Even while this is not a big deal, it’s vital to remember that the platform may not offer all the best hostels and resorts. 
  • You might want to think about conducting independent research as well. Since hostels must register on these websites to be featured, likely, you won’t locate them unless you put in a lot of effort. 
  • Learn why some hostels aren’t featured on certain websites here. Again, Hostelworld is a fantastic resource, but doing your research can also be very helpful in locating the ideal lodging.

Hostelworld displays only open hostels.

  • Any booking website, including Hostelworld, will only display lodging options that are open during your specified dates. This is understandable given that you cannot reserve a hostel that is already filled. 
  • To avoid confusing you, we’d also want to let you in on a little secret: hostels are the ones that decide what appears on platforms. Some hostels only list their dorm rooms. Hostelworld, while others only list their private rooms on
  •  Or a hostel might only list 80% of its available rooms on booking websites since it leaves some rooms available for ‘walk-ins’. 
  • While it is practical to see hostels that are open during your travel dates, the likelihood of finding fantastic locations is decreased because they are not listed. Again, more investigation would be helpful and a fantastic method for you to find additional homes that you might have missed due to these restrictions.

Users are often younger 

  • The reviews and ratings on Hostelworld and may differ mostly due to the age and demographics of the consumers. 
  • Hostelworld is primarily utilized by backpackers and budget travelers between the ages of 18 and 25/30, but is primarily used by the general, older audience, capturing a wider age range from young travelers to more professional tourists.
  • Why does that matter? It simply indicates that younger people tend to write Hostelworld reviews. The reviews and comments are largely from the perspective of backpackers. Obviously, as a traveler, that is fantastic. Users’ opinions may differ, and what one could consider “excellent” as a budget traveler may not pass muster with more experienced and/or adult tourists. 
  • Age, finances, and demographics in general are not the main issues, but they do matter. It ought to be taken into account when selecting a home.

The ratings are sometimes unclear

  • Ratings on the platform can be perplexing for many because of the disparity in user demographics. Hostelworld’s average rating is typically greater than’s for the same establishment. 
  • This is something you’ll see with practically any hostel because it comes down to the people on both platforms. Common reviews include “Best hostel ever,” “Epic,” and “I will be back soon for the holidays.” However, that does not guarantee that other users who book on the platform would receive the same experience. Again, you shouldn’t worry about it, but it would be wise to keep that in mind.


The advantages and features of Hostelworld:

For travelers looking for inexpensive lodging, Hostelworld is a terrific resource. Choosing which hostel is best for you might be challenging with elements like user reviews and images. The following are a few advantages of using Hostelworld:

User reviews

User reviews are a fantastic method to compare hostels before choosing one. Read what other travelers have to say about their experiences by going to the user reviews area. This can aid in your decision-making over your lodging.

View images

View images of the hostels in the photo gallery before or after your stay. You can use this to get a sense of the hostel and determine whether it’s a suitable fit for you.

Compare costs

Evaluate several hostels side by side. This can assist you in locating the finest lodging deal.

Verify availability

Verify availability before making a reservation to ensure that the hostel of your choice is open. Your trip won’t be delayed as a result.

How can I get in touch with customer support at Hostelworld?

To find answers to the most frequently asked questions Hostelworld users have, check out their help and FAQ sections.

If you still need to speak with a customer service agent, connections to their customer assistance are located at the bottom of the homepage. You will be directed to the Contact Us page after clicking Talk To Us. There, an online form asking for details such as an email address, subject, a summary of your inquiry, and the category it would come under for example, “alter a booking” or “cancel a booking” is available.

Additionally, you can email them directly at [email protected]. Despite having locations in Dublin, London, Porto, Shanghai, and Sydney, there are no registered phone numbers for contacting them directly.

Overall, Hostelworld is a great resource for tourists looking for an affordable, sociable location to stay during their upcoming travels. The website is highly user-friendly and simple to navigate, and there are no surprises in the booking or cancellation policies.

The website is simple to use and has a search bar where you can enter your desired destination, preferred check-in and check-out dates, and the number of guests. You will then be directed to a list of hostels where you may sort by price, rating, distance from your current location, or name. You also have the option of adding filters to your search to further refine your results, such as room type, amenities, or even payment method.

I especially enjoy the slide bar’s ability to choose an average price because it enables you to rapidly filter out more expensive options if you just want something basic and inexpensive or the opposite if you want to stay somewhere a little more opulent. Hostelworld provides a guarantee that when you book with them, the room will be reserved; but, if you arrive and there is no sign of your reservation, you will receive a full refund and USD 50 against your next booking, a benefit that is not provided by other booking websites.

Based on verified user ratings, each property receives a rating out of 10, with the top features such as “Great Location” or “Brilliant Staff” highlighted. This, along with the images on each hostel’s profile, aids in providing a solid idea of what to anticipate from the lodging. However, Hostelworld only allows you to sort by newest, oldest, and top-rated reviews, unlike other websites where you can type in keywords to search reviews, for instance, if you’re looking for reviews on the caliber of food. The website would become even more comprehensive if it had this feature.


Is there a Hostelworld mobile app?

For iPhone and Android devices, Hostelworld offers mobile applications. You can quickly download the app on your device by going to the App Store or Google Play. You can search for and confirm your reservation while on the go with the apps, which are free to download. Through the mobile app, you can fully access all areas of the website and search over 36,000 countries. In actuality, their recently updated mobile app has more features than their publicly accessible website. Connecting with other travelers staying in the same hostel or city as you can be done through the smartphone app. Additionally, there is a chat feature that enables safe communication with them and may be used to arrange social activities like meet-ups, games, or even a meal with other international travelers.

What happens to the remaining balance in the account?

The remaining balance, as noted on your booking confirmation, is due when you check in at the hotel. This will always be expressed in the local currency of the property. However, keep in mind that some reservation kinds and lodgings require upfront payment, so be careful to verify the house rules of the lodging you select!

What exactly is the Hostelworld Booking guarantee?

For our devoted customers, our industry-leading booking technology efficiently manages millions of confirmed reservations each year. In the extremely unlikely event that, upon arrival at your chosen property, the reception agent is unable to locate your reservation, they will add your deposit as a voucher back to your Hostelworld account AND an additional $50 voucher that can be used toward the deposits of subsequent bookings on Hostelworld.

In the event of a cancellation, is the deposit refundable?

Yes, provided that you choose free cancellation at the time of booking and that you cancel within the window of time specified in your email of confirmation. Simply access your Hostelworld account and cancel your reservation there. Your deposit will be returned, however, they ask for your patience as Covid-19 has kept their team much busier than normal. The deposit is nonrefundable if you didn’t select free cancellation (as per their Terms and Conditions). If you made a Standard Flexible Booking and need to cancel before the deadline, you’ll get a coupon for your next excursion. This can be done via your Hostelworld account, and the adjustments will be made to your account. Even if you cancel in advance if you booked at a Non-Refundable Rate or a Flexible Rate, you will not receive your deposit back.

Are there age restrictions on bookings?

While the majority of properties do not have age restrictions, this is not always the case, especially in those that feature bars on the premises or are designed with the “young” market in mind. To find out if there is an age restriction, it is advised that you read the property description. They retain the right to cancel your reservation upon your arrival if the property does have an age restriction and you are over the age limit. If you are under 18 and you can’t find an age limitation on their description, please contact their customer service team so they can confirm their under-18 policy before you make a reservation.

Is the website Hostelworld secure?

SSL encrypts any confidential data transferred between your machine and their website. Verisign provides them with their SSL Certificate. Your information will be delivered safely and protected from outside parties as a result. Please read their security section for more details.

How can I update my email address for my account?

It’s simple to change your account email! To merge your accounts, simply register a new account with a new email address and get in touch with our Customer Services team here. They will inform you of further processes. Don’t worry, once you contact them and request the change, all of your account information, including your previous and upcoming bookings, will be transferred over!

What is a Non-Flexible Booking?

No matter how much notice you give if you opt to make a Non-Flexible Booking and then cancel it, your deposit will not be refunded. Your reservation will be regarded as a Non-Flexible Booking if you don’t choose a Standard Flexible Booking option. Customers who make non-flexible bookings should be aware that, even though your deposit and booking fee are non-refundable in any case, you must provide the amount of notice required by the travel services provider in its cancellation policy to avoid being charged extra for a no-show or a last-minute cancellation. Your reservation will be treated as a Non-Flexible Booking if you didn’t choose either the Standard Flexible Booking option or the Non-Flexible Booking option.

What is the latest time I can cancel a Free Cancellation Booking without being charged?

Unless otherwise specified, if you have a free cancellation booking, you can cancel it up to 24 hours before the property’s earliest check-in time and receive a full refund. The cancellation deadline, which is in the local time zone of the property, is indicated on your confirmation email.


The young generation of today is becoming more and more of a world traveler. They are traveling on a tight budget and want to stay in a place that won’t break the bank. The popularity of inexpensive lodging among young tourists is rising. The ability to meet other travelers who share similar tastes is another benefit of this form of lodging. The best website for finding hostels and cheap lodgings is Hostelworld. Both desktop and mobile devices can access it. The Hostelworld App offers the same features and a comparable list to the website. It is more beneficial because it aids in finding nearby lodging in the event of a last-minute reservation. In conclusion, Hostelworld offers a significant and essential platform for hostels. The commission rate, which some hostel owners complain is expensive, is just a necessary expense of doing business and is typical in online marketplaces across industries. The website aids passengers by facilitating a simple booking process and providing support when required. Ladies and gentlemen, let me conclude by saying that the Hostelworld app is a wonderful tool to ensure that you never lack a place to sleep. You can even choose accommodations depending on your own needs and preferences, whether it be the type of lodging or the services offered. Enjoy! Be sure to pay close attention to the dates you choose, the reviews and ratings, and the booking location. We hope your journey is joyful and that you have the fluffiest pillows in the future.

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